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Preventing Mold in the Home

Published on November 04, 2020

Avoiding mold removal in Toronto comes down to one key action - prevention. The most common cause of mold growth in GTA homes is an excess of indoor humidity - but knowing what causes humidity and how you can safely reduce it and prevent mold growth isn’t always clear. A mold inspection in...

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Why is the Attic a Breeding Ground for Mold?

Published on October 15, 2020

There’s one key reason why attic mold removal is the most common service we perform, and that’s because the attic is out of sight and out of mind. The average homeowner has little reason to visit their attic on a regular basis - the hatch is usually hard to reach, small, and...

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Why You Should Remove Mold Right Away

Published on October 06, 2020

Mold removal in Toronto is never fun, but if you’re aware of mold growth in your home, getting rid of it as quickly as possible should be at the top of your to-do list. Even if it doesn’t feel urgent, mold growth at home isn’t just about the aesthetics - it’s often a symptom...

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Testing for Mold in Toronto

Published on October 02, 2020

Unlike a broken light bulb, indoor mold growth is a problem that can be harder to spot and more difficult to solve. Mold testing professionals can find indoor mold growth wherever it is and whatever it’s growing on. The problem with mold growth is that it can cause serious damage to your home,...

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Should I Hire a Professional for Mold Removal?

Published on September 09, 2020

If you need an attic mold removal, it’s best to consider hiring a professional for the job. While hardware stores have a range of products, tools, and solutions for removing mold at home yourself, some of these products have a short-term impact making the long-term effects of a DIY mold...

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The Health Risks of Mold

Published on September 06, 2020

Mold growth is unsightly, smelly, and causes slow, long-term damage to your home and property. But the real risk is to your health, which can be affected in both small and large ways. Mold testing can help you determine what sort of risk you face and help you to pinpoint areas where mold is in your...

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Things to Look For When Moving into a New Home

Published on September 01, 2020

Moving day is full of stress, mess, and the thrill of a new home. Reducing some of the stress ahead of time with a mold inspection in Toronto can help you preserve the excitement and make the move-in process smooth. There are a few things you can scan for before the big day that can tell you a lot...

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The Most Common Places for Mold Growth

Published on August 09, 2020

Where are the most common places that mold grows indoors? If you’ve ever wondered where the professionals look for mold first, today’s blog will help! While mold can grow anywhere indoors, there are a few places that it appears more often. Attic mold removal is one of the most common...

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Does My House Have Mold?

Published on August 05, 2020

Mold can grow anywhere in the world - including inside of our homes. While we hope this isn’t the case and despite our best intentions, mold growth in Toronto is surprisingly common. Knowing if (and where!) mold growing inside your house can be tricky to answer, which is why mold testing is...

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Why Summertime is a Breeding Ground for Mold

Published on August 01, 2020

Summer in Toronto comes with long, hot and humid days best enjoyed in the backyard or by the beach. However, the abundance of sunshine heats up our homes, and can significantly increase your risk of mold growth in the home. Summertime can be a breeding ground for mold and raise your likelihood of...

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The Connection Between Mold and Dampness

Published on July 13, 2020

When looking for areas that might need mold testing, we always look for one clear warning sign: dampness. Damp or wet areas in the house are a red flag when it comes to indoor mold growth - so much so that we’ve decided to write a whole article on it to share with you. Understanding the...

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How to Tackle Mold Growing in the Bathroom

Published on July 06, 2020

Mold can grow anywhere in your home, but it’s most often found growing in the bathroom. Once you know what the common causes of bathroom mold are, the reason won’t surprise you as moisture and humidity play a huge role in mold growth. When it comes to mold removal in Toronto, the good...

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Surviving Mold in Your Attic

Published on July 03, 2020

Do you have mold in your attic? Mold growth can be a scary problem to find - news articles about toxic black mold, horror stories about hard-to-kill infestations, and urban legends make many homeowners fearful. The good news is that a professional attic mold removal with MoldTech makes the process...

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Summer Mold Prevention Tips

Published on June 10, 2020

Summer can create the perfect conditions for indoor mold growth in Toronto and the GTA. As with any issue in our homes, prevention is nine tenths of the cure - taking a few small steps to prevent mold from growing today will really pay off tomorrow. Because mold can begin to grow within 48 hours,...

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The Ultimate Mold Prevention Guide

Published on May 07, 2020

They say in medicine that “prevention is 9/10ths of the cure”  and the same goes for preventing mold growth in your home. If mold is already growing in your home, mold testing in Toronto is the first step to a total cure, but the best time to start thinking about mold is before it...

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