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Complete Visual Mold Testing and Inspection

A visual inspection is very important in recognizing a potential mold contamination problem. Our certified mold inspectors will visually evaluate the degree of any water damage and mold growth while adhering to standard practices and protocols of Health Canada. The inspectors will investigate using the latest state-of-the-art equipment to pinpoint any hidden health risks. The complete visual mold inspection service includes:

  • The use of fiber optics, thermal infrared charting, psychrometry, air manometrics, and non-invasive radio frequency gauges to locate hidden moisture sources and potential mold growth.
  • An examination of the building exterior in search of moisture intrusions.
  • The investigation of walls, ceilings, floors, basement, attic and crawlspaces.
  • Recommendations that will instantly increase your indoor air quality.
  • The investigation of all ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems.
  • A comprehensive report that clearly details all our findings and initiates the next step to a healthy environment.

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Bulk / Surface Sampling

A certified inspector, trained in appropriate sampling methodology, will carry out all necessary bulk or surface sampling. Bulk/Surface sampling is essential if the building residents are suffering from health problems, which are or may be connected with fungal exposure. Bulk/Surface sampling is also crucial to identify the presence or absence of mold if a visual inspection is unclear (e.g. discoloration and staining).

Bulk samples are collected from visibly moldy surfaces by scrapings or cuttings. Surface samples are collected by wiping a select area with a sterile swab or by stripping the surface with clear tape. The dish is then nurtured in a special incubator that is high in humidity and void of all ambient light at a temperature suitable for fungal development.

The most precise mold identification is only achievable after seven days of live culturing for the mold cultures to reach their highest identification growth. After seven days of incubation, the fungal samples are taken and identified down to genus and to species.

Air Monitoring

MoldTech uses two methods for testing air quality:

  1. An Anderson Style Bioaerosol Sampler for its air sampling. This sampler collects viable spores on potato dextrose agar petri dishes placed in the apparatus at a rate of 28.3 cubic liters of air per minute.
  2. An air-o-cell cassette that traps both viable (living) and non-viable (dead) mold spores.

MoldTech uses air monitoring to evaluate the degree of contamination within the home. Air monitoring is essential if mold growth is suspected in a specific area of the home or building, but cannot be pinpointed visually.

Air monitoring may be necessary if the building inhabitants are suffering from health issues, which are or may be linked with fungal exposure. Air monitoring is also used for comparative purposes. An outdoor control air test is taken to determine whether mold is being amplified internally.

Air monitoring is also crucial if the building inhabitants are suffering from health issues, which are or may be linked with fungal exposure. Air monitoring is also used for comparative purposes. The outdoor control air test is very helpful in assessing whether there is an internally produced mold problem.

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