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Content Remediation In Toronto

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Contents Remediation in Toronto & GTA

mould content removal torontoContents remediation is the act of decontaminating items that have been affected by settled mold spores or have visual mold growing on them. This type of mold growth is typically due to improper storage, or flooding. By using the IICRC's S520 as a guideline for mold removal and decontamination of contents, we are able to easily manage projects and categorize the contents in a manner that will guarantee success.

In instances where the contents aren't easily categorized, or if there is a sentimental item that doesn't necessarily fit into the IICRC's item definitions, MoldTech can still assess and provide the best strategy for remediation. Our extensive and thorough real-time testing* will give you confidence that the work was performed successfully and the item is ready for store shelves, warehouses, or that special place on your mantle.

We can accommodate any size project - whether on-site our at our large facility or at your home or office. Our warehouse can accommodate up to 15 tractor trailers, so we can deal with extensive contents remediation. Our forklift operation, truck bay, and highly secure facility can get any mold removal project done safely, quickly, and effectively. We can arrange everything from item organizing, packing, delivery, storing, and cleaning. Just let us know your needs, and we’ll work together to get the problem solved.

If preferred, we can also perform the work at your facility. We can isolate the contents and construct a multiple stage decontamination area to allow us to conveniently perform the work while keeping your employees safe and protected.

We regularly deal with suppliers of the Big Box stores who require instruction, advice, and training to remedy the cause at the source. This usually means working with companies overseas to develop a prevention plan and then help with its implementation. Although we have been required to go overseas for on-site training of material handling and fungicide application, we also provide instructional video on the proper application of preventative products as well as proper handling, storage and shipping procedures.


In an event of a flood where a large portion of contents has been affected by settled mold or visible mold, we've got you covered. We are able to perform pack-outs where all of your contents are carefully itemized, documented, packaged and delivered to our warehouse for remediation.

content remediation torontoContents that we have successfully cleaned include, but are not limited to, vehicles, garments, furniture, documents, electronics and various appliances.

*ATP Bioluminescence (Our Real-Time Testing)

Bioluminescence occurs when the enzyme luciferase comes into contact with the molecule ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is present in the cells of all living organisms. The amount of light produced is directly proportional to the amount of ATP present, and is measured by luminometers and is displayed in Relative light Units (RLUs)

The measurement of total ATP allows real time measurement of total microbial residue, on virtually any surface to determine the potential for microbial contamination on surfaces that have been cleaned. The cleaning is process is modified until we meet an RLU value of zero (despite the allowable limit being zero to fifty). The entire test takes less than a minute to complete, thus becoming a "real time" test and allowing for immediate corrective action.

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