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Black Mold Inspection & Mold Removal
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Do you deal with attics?

We do deal with attics - and we do it quickly! We can have your attic back in shape in 5 simple steps.

Will mold make me sick?

Everyone reacts to mold differently. Some people are completely fine in the most toxic environments, and some people react very poorly in low-level environments.

How do I know if I have a problem?

In a lot of cases the mold is visible. Sometimes there is a musty odour. If you feel unwell in certain areas of the home or feel better when you’re outside of your home, you may have a problem.

I have black stuff in my cold cellar. Is it mold?

This discolouration is likely mold, but may just be staining. Email us a picture if you have one, and let us help you!

I have white fuzz on some cement in my basement. Is it mold?

This may be mold, but in most cases, it is just ‘efflorescence’. Call us to find out more.

I found mold in my home? Is it toxic?

It is hard to determine whether your molds are toxic, pathogenic, or allergenic without having air samples taken.

Can the mold spread?

It really depends on the environment. In some cases mold is content in its environment and does not aerosolize. Sometimes, it will become readily airborne. Call us for free information on how to minimize spore migration.

What is the process exactly?

We follow very strict protocols when we remediate. Visit our “links” page to read up on some of the best.

Why is it so costly?

Yes, we know it's expensive! But, we aren't the highest priced remediator's out there (and we know we're not the cheapest, but are definitely worth it). I can't stress enough that you get what you pay for. Here are some reasons for our fair pricing:

  1. A large portion of our fees go to our trained employees. Our employees consistently establish long relationships with MoldTech ' and we love it! Experience is essential for safe effective remediation, so we work hard to keep our employees happy.
  2. Certification is expensive!
  3. We use our own state of the art equipment. We don't rent our machines.
  4. We don't cut corners. We use the best materials on the market. Why increase risks to save a few dollars? It's not worth it.

Why can't I have a regular contractor do it?

Sometimes they do. And on a rare occasion, everything turns out fine. However, when things go wrong, they usually go very wrong. See our “Bill C-45” page.

Do you repair the drywall when you're done?

No. We avoid every possible conflict of interest. However, if you absolutely require a turnkey solution, we will provide you with one.

What is a clearance test?

Clearance tests are air samples taken after we complete our project to ensure we have done our job properly. If they should fail, MoldTech will re-clean the area at no charge to our clients – and pay for retesting! (I bet you can guess that this rarely happens!!)

Can you perform the clearance testing for us?

Some companies inspect, test, remediate and perform clearance testing on the same project. Does that seem right? We don’t think so, so we won’t do it.

Are your trucks marked?

You have the option of marked or unmarked. We work with a lot of builders and in areas where real estate values are of utmost important, so we can conceal our identity if you wish.

What is the best thing to do after your finished?

Find the source if it’s unknown. Hire a qualified 3rd party (ex. Home inspector with building science background) to assess the issue, pinpoint the problems, so you know where to focus your attention and money.

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