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Attic Mold Damage Tips

Published on June 06, 2022

Mold spores are tiny and nearly invisible, yet they can cause outsized damage in the attic and require mold remediation. At MoldTech, we’ve been helping families avoid this fate by offering mold inspections in Toronto. This safe and effective service for attic mold removal can detect small...

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How Attic Cleaning Can Prevent Attic Mold from Returning

Published on May 26, 2022

There’s nothing more frustrating than finding mold in your attic, but regular attic cleaning and mold inspections can help! At MoldTech, we’ve helped thousands of homeowners with attic mold remediation in Toronto. Whether it’s straightforward attic cleaning or more in-depth...

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4 Causes of Mold in Attic Spaces

Published on May 10, 2022

Many of MoldTech’s past clients came to us for a widespread need: attic mold removal. Mold in the attic is a prevalent issue across Toronto and the GTA for a many reasons, including the four we’re going to tell you about now. But let’s start with good news — attic mold can be...

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Will DIY Mold Removal Save You From Needing a Mold Inspection?

Published on May 04, 2022

Many homeowners turn to DIY tricks and techniques when something breaks at home — for example, a quick search on Youtube brings up tons of ways to remove mold. However, mold remediation in Toronto isn’t something you should do just because you can, and you won’t see the MoldTech...

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Does Attic Mold Have You Concerned?

Published on April 26, 2022

When was the last time you peeked in the attic or had an attic cleaning? If you’re anything like most of your friends and neighbours, it’s been a while — but MoldTech has you covered! Attic mold inspection and mold remediation in Toronto is a fast and effective service that can...

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Can I Use Bleach For Attic Mold Removal?

Published on April 11, 2022

While conventional wisdom (and many official sources) suggest you can DIY attic mold removal using household cleaners like bleach, the MoldTech team has been trying to change this yes/no question to a more “it depends” answer for decades. While mold in the attic is a scary discovery,...

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The Best Mold Removal Products for Pets

Published on April 05, 2022

At MoldTech, we tend to focus on the safety benefits of mold remediation in Toronto for the human members of your family — but the non-human ones benefit too! The adverse health effects of mold exposure like coughing, itchy eyes, and dry skin can affect our pets as often as they affect us....

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10 Reasons to Hire An Attic Cleaning Service

Published on March 22, 2022

What’s happening in your attic? If you don’t know the answer, you’re not alone — most of us rarely, if ever, look up there or do regular attic cleaning. Unfortunately, this often allows attic mold to grow out of control, making attic mold remediation in Toronto one of...

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What Kills and Removes Mold in the Attic

Published on March 08, 2022

Mold growth in the attic will affect the whole home. Whether it’s fluctuating temperatures from damaged insulation to strange smells or damage to ceilings or walls, attic mold removal is the only safe way to ensure mold in the attic is eradicated for good. Determining the best way to kill and...

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What Is The Cost Mold Removal in Toronto in 2022

Published on March 02, 2022

The first step to a safe and healthy home is professional mold remediation in Toronto. At MoldTech, the cost is a significant concern for many of our clients upon discovering mold growth at home. The best way to avoid a costly mold removal in Toronto is to identify mold problems early and get...

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Cost of Attic Mold Removal

Published on February 23, 2022

How big is your attic? When it comes to attic mold removal, the question of cost can often be determined by how big your attic is — but not always. At MoldTech, our extensive experience helping homeowners remove mold in the attic has shown that there can be multiple factors that influence the...

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How to Properly Remove Mold from Attic Wood

Published on February 09, 2022

Wood is one of the materials in our homes most commonly affected by mold growth. Painted and stained wood is more resistant however — which is why mold is most frequently found in the attic, where there is a lot of raw, natural wood. MoldTech offers attic cleaning services to help root out and...

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How Mold Inspections Can Help Find the Best Mold Remediation Method

Published on February 02, 2022

Mold is mold, right? While it’s true that mold remediation in Toronto is the best way to eradicate household mold growth, there are thousands of species of mold that may affect your home. In over a decade of experience, the MoldTech team has learned that different species of mold respond...

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Recognizing Mold Infestations in Your Home

Published on January 24, 2022

Homes across the GTA are all at risk of a widespread problem: mold growth. In this guide, MoldTech highlights some of the common reasons for mold removal in Toronto, Vaughan, and Mississauga, why it forms, and where you can find it. Mold growth does not mean that your home is dirty, and it...

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Use Mold Remediation Services in Toronto When Selling Your Home

Published on January 14, 2022

Selling a home in Toronto’s red-hot market has never been easier — but have you taken a closer look around? Booking an attic mold removal with MoldTech before listing your house can help you sell quickly, with confidence, and reduce your liability. Mold in the attic is a widespread...

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