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Common Mistakes to Avoid in D.I.Y. Attic Mold Removal in Toronto

Published on March 22, 2024

Many homeowners discover mold in the attic when fixing a minor issue or replacing insulation. Once you’ve identified mold growth, your next step is critical: do you DIY or go for professional attic mold removal in Toronto? At MoldTech, we always strongly advocate the latter approach — as professionals, we’ve seen all of the common mistakes and disasters that can happen with DIY mold removal! Regarding services like removal or mold testing in Toronto, the pro approach prioritizes safety, efficacy, and the long-term success of your mold removal — so don’t take any chances. 

Why Attic Mold Happens

Common Mistakes to Avoid in D.I.Y. Attic Mold Removal in TorontoThere are many reasons why the attic is one of the most common places affected by mold growth in Toronto and one of the most difficult to remediate on your own. The common ingredient in all mold infestations is moisture; whether it appears as liquid water (from roof damage), humidity, or condensation, there are many avenues for moisture to get trapped in the attic. Problems with blocked vents or insufficient airflow can worsen or speed up the mold, and insulation and darkness can make it hard to spot. 

The Risks of Attic Mold

At MoldTech, we take mold growth seriously because we know and understand the risks it poses to your health and safety at home. Mold can cause a range of irritating health effects that mimic viruses or allergies, such as sneezing, headaches, and congestion. It is also implicated in chronic and acute health issues that require hospitalization. 

Mold can constantly chew away at your home’s structure, damaging critical elements like insulation, beams, and sheathing, requiring expensive clean-up and repair. Catching mold problems early with mold testing in Toronto will let you tackle infestations when they’re small and less of a problem. 

Common Mistakes in DIY Mold Removal

Our team has helped thousands of families across the GTA recover from the effects of short and long-term mold problems. We often arrive onsite to find that an intelligent and capable homeowner has already been through using elbow grease and hardware store solutions — with unfortunate results. 

At MoldTech, we strongly advise against DIY mold removal, whether in the attic or another room of the home. Mould is highly transferrable, meaning even the cleanest person can accidentally spread the infestation. 

For example, one of mold’s most common health effects is on the respiratory system, and DIY removal can increase its negative effect on your air quality. Spores are incredibly lightweight; without proper containment and air filtration, they can end up all over the house, ready to start another mold infestation. 

Accidents with tools or chemical treatments are also frequently reported—one client even accidentally put a foot through their ceiling when moving into the attic, adding damage and mess to the mold problem. 

MoldTech Does Mold Removal Right!

Avoid these mishaps by working with MoldTech the next time you need attic mold removal in Toronto. There’s no reason you should tackle mold removal on your own — prioritize your safety, cleanliness, and the efficacy of your remediation by calling MoldTech to book your mold removal or testing today.  

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