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How to Prevent Attic Mold Growth in Mississauga Homes

Published on February 08, 2024

Homeowners who have had attic mold know it can be stressful! At MoldTech, our mission is to help folks eliminate existing mold issues with professional attic mold removal. Regardless of where you live or how old your home is, your attic can become vulnerable to mold growth year-round because of weather or changes to your home. Mold removal in Mississauga is a safe and reliable service that eliminates mold problems in attic, basement, or bathroom rooms. But what about prevention? Here are some of the MoldTech team’s top tips on how to prevent attic mold growth in Mississauga homes. 

Understanding the Causes of Attic Mold Growth

Attic Mold Growth in Mississauga HomesIn our business, the cause behind an infestation is always a critical piece of understanding the effect of mold growth. Mold is a tiny fungus that breaks down organic matter — in the compost bin, this results in rich, fertile soil. In the attic and walls of your home, mold can begin to break down studs, insulation, and other critical structural elements, causing expensive and often severe damage. 

Several factors cause attic mold growth in Mississauga, but the two key elements that appear in every mold inspection we do are moisture and airflow. Whether airborne or liquid, water is critical to mold growth; mold spores can activate in as little as 48 hours after exposure to moisture. 

Ventilation helps move moisture along and dry up drips or leaks. You only have to think of an airless, humid July day to realize how critical a breeze can be when zapping mold growth! 

Inspect Your Attic Regularly

The best way to get to know your attic and avoid mold removal in Mississauga is to regularly inspect it for problems contributing to excess moisture or poor airflow. Pests, damaged shingles, low-hanging trees or branches, and blocked vents are common problems in Mississauga homes. If inspecting your attic presents too many challenges, call us at MoldTech to arrange an attic mold inspection!

Our Top 3 Tips

Improve Attic Ventilation

MoldTech’s most frequently prescribed cure for attic mold is to increase ventilation. Fresh air can be brought in by adding new vents or clearing blocked soffits. Some attics may benefit from electric fans that move air more regularly.

Address Humidity Issues

The next thing we recommend doing is to address humidity problems. Installing a dehumidifier or air conditioner may be an option for you, but following tip 1 can often help eliminate moisture too.

Seal Leaks and Cracks

Many problems in Mississauga attics come from heated air escaping from rooms below. Small cracks and leaks between floors can increase moisture collecting in the attic. The most frequent sign of this is condensation or mold growth on the underside of the roof. 

Work With MoldTech for A Mold-Free Attic

Despite our best efforts, mold still happens — and that’s when the MoldTech team is ready to help you with attic mold removal. One of the best parts of safe, thorough, and effective mold removal with us is that we usually have a few prevention tips to pass on after getting up close and personal with your attic — this means we have fewer repeat customers but undoubtedly many more happy ones! Call or email us to book our team to inspect your home or attic for mold growth in Mississauga today. 

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