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The Benefits of Mold Testing in Vaughan During the Winter

Published on November 28, 2023

Mold is usually associated with hot, warm, or humid environments, making many Canadians think they’re safe during winter. But at MoldTech, our team performs mold testing in Vaughan all year round because mold can grow in any season and is particularly prone to happen during the winter. Mold removal in Vaughan is a safe and effective service that will eliminate infestations affecting your home’s health and safety and alert you to issues that lead to mold buildup indoors. 

What Kinds of Mold Grow in the Winter

The Benefits of Mold Testing in Vaughan During the WinterMany different types of mold can grow in temperatures between 4°-24°, which covers the exact range we keep our thermostat set to year-round. While the kind of mold isn’t always the most critical aspect (we’re much more concerned about the damage it’s doing to your home and health!), sometimes it’s useful to be able to recognize common types of winter mold. At MoldTech, we often find: 

  • Alternaria: Typically grey or black, Alternaria often grows in bathrooms basements, or other areas with high moisture or humidity. 
  • Cladosporium: This mold can grow in several colours, but indoors it’s often a brownish-black to green-grey tone. We often find it growing on wood, carpets, or wallpaper. 
  • Penicillium: Probably the most famous mold in the world, since one species gave us modern antibiotics! Alas, not all Penicillium species are good for us or our homes, and it may be found growing on damp materials, carpets, and other textiles. 

Winter Moisture Sources That Trigger Mold

Our blog has often written about the vital role that water or moisture plays in mold growth. But where does the moisture come from during the winter when the air is dry, and water tends to freeze?

Here are 5 of the most common sources of winter moisture indoors: 

  • Warm and humid air from bathing or cooking. 
  • Condensation in the attic or on piping/windows. 
  • Furnaces with humidifiers
  • Under or uninsulated spaces like knee walls or crawlspaces. 
  • Winter clothing. 

Heat and Mold

We set our thermostats to keep us cozy during winter, but all that heat may be causing mold growth without adequate precautions. Some key places we look at during mold removal in Vaughan are areas where hot air rises, like the attic, or where hot and moist air collects, like bathrooms. Many folks use a humidifier to counteract the problems of dry air; at MoldTech we recommend using an inexpensive monitor to ensure you’re not straying far from 50% humidity. 

Why it’s Important to Keep Mold Out of Your Insulation

Insulation is one of the critical areas that winter mold growth often affects. Hot air rises, and it can leak into the attic during the winter months, where moisture may condense on the cold underside of your roof. This moisture can then drip onto your insulation, affecting its ability to work — resulting in more air leakage, condensation, and damage. 

This harmful cycle is why we recommend mold testing in Vaughan at any time of year — if you think there’s something wrong or you notice the signs or symptoms of mold growth, don’t ignore it — call MoldTech to have a professional mold inspection today.

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