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How Long Does It Take To Get Sick From Mold Exposure

Published on December 07, 2023

Mold is an organic, living thing — you’ll even find its cousin, mushrooms, in your fridge! But, unlike mushrooms, mold isn’t a healthy part of a balanced diet or home environment and causes many common ailments and illnesses. At MoldTech, we perform black mold tests in Toronto and the GTA to help families eliminate irritation and allergies caused by mold growth. Mold inspection is a safe and effective way to identify colonies or areas of concern, and mold testing can tell you more about the type — and dangers — of any mold found in your home. 

Symptoms of Mold Exposure

How Long Does It Take To Get Sick From Mold ExposurePeople find out they have a mold problem at home in two primary ways: they see it growing or feel the effects.Some of the common symptoms of mold exposure include: 

  • Headache.
  • Sneezing or congestion. 
  • Itchy, watery eyes. 
  • Skin issues, like dryness. 
  • Respiratory complaints. 

Timeframe for Mold Exposure Symptoms

These symptoms can vary from person to person, so hidden mold infestations can be challenging to detect without a professional mold inspection. Mold allergies primarily stem from spores, mold’s reproductive method. Spores are small grain-like particles that quickly become airborne, where they can be breathed in or settle in or on eyes, nose, and skin. Mold exposure symptoms generally begin a few hours after exposure and may linger once you leave the affected area. 

Long-Term Effects of Mold Exposure

While the short-term effects resemble allergies or the common cold or flu, it’s hard to predict a person’s long-term risks with mold growth. Some varieties of mold create mycotoxins, toxic elements that have been linked to hospitalizations and severe health effects. But even everyday irritations like a headache or sneezing can also cause long-term disruption to your daily life, leading to absenteeism or a lowered immune system. 

Preventing Mold Exposure

During mold testing, our technicians are often asked what a homeowner can do to prevent mold exposure.  Our top piece of advice starts with the obvious — preventing mold growth itself. MoldTech recommends following at least 3 of the following tips to help avoid indoor mold growth:

  • Use ventilation fans in bathrooms or kitchens to eliminate excess humidity. 
  • Insulate your attic correctly to prevent condensation and attic mold. 
  • Regularly inspect pipes and drains to catch and fix leaks. 
  • Have an annual mold inspection or have your questions or concerns investigated by the MoldTech team. 
  • Pay attention to the roof and foundation and repair cracks or damage as soon as possible. 

Work With MoldTech to Avoid Mold!

One of the most significant clues that you’ve been affected by mold at home is if your symptoms disappear when you go to work or on vacation. This story usually indicates to the MoldTech team that your home has hidden mold growth and that your symptoms are not related to the flu or seasonal allergies. A black mold test can help you resolve your symptoms and eliminate mold before it causes long-term damage to your health or home. To book mold testing with MoldTech, contact us online or by phone today. 

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