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Professional Mold Remediation in Toronto

Any major renovations or projects in your home can be stressful. What can start off as a small weekend job can turn into a huge project with one problem leading to another. A common surprise that people find when renovating their homes is that they need a mold remediation in Toronto because of mold growth. In some spaces, mold can be visible and easy to spot, but in others, it can remain unseen behind walls or inside of spaces. Removing mold is a huge job that scares many homeowners (and for good reason). At MoldTech, we aim to make the mold remediation process simple and stress-free, so you can get back to making your home the comfortable and safe place that it should be.

What is mold?

Mold can be many things: dangerous or benign, ugly or beautiful, and it’s an important part of the world around us. As long as humans have been building homes, mold has been growing in it, but it’s important that that growth is kept in check, and that toxic varieties are removed promptly. Mold growth in your home can cause severe allergies and reactions, and it can destroy drywall or other building materials. If you’ve discovered mold growing in your home, it’s important to have your whole home tested to ensure that it hasn’t spread to other rooms and spaces before you have your mold issue remediated.

At MoldTech, we have specialized in mold remediation in Toronto for over ten years. In some homes, mold can be quite easy to find and to remove, but in others, it can be much more difficult and tricky to spot. A room with mold growth may have a musty smell, and small discolored patches may appear or objects, drywall, or even the floor. But just as often mold is invisible, lurking behind drywall where it could be growing on wooden studs or old insulation. Performing a mold remediation in Toronto is the only way to ensure that this mold will not cause any further trouble for you and your family. Mold, like every part of the natural world, wants to reproduce, so it’s important that you effectively wipe it out the first time.

Remove it... before it removes you

At MoldTech, we’ve removed many destroyed, mold-damaged objects and building materials during mold remediation in Toronto. These objects are replaceable, but your health and wellbeing aren't, and mold can cause very serious health effects. Because it spreads itself via airborne spores, mold is easily breathed in, where it can cause trouble in our respiratory systems. Soft tissues like our eyes and nose are often the first to be affected, but headaches and other cognitive problems, like fatigue, are often frequently reported. For people with chronic health problems, or the very young or old, mold can mean more frequent illnesses or even visits to the hospital. MoldTech recommends immediate mold remediation whenever mold growth is found in your home - regardless of its toxicity, mold is never healthy for you or your family to be living with, and it should be removed quickly.

Finding the source of the problem

Mold can grow anywhere in your home, but it does have favourite haunts, and these spaces all have an abundance of moisture (like a leaky pipe), temperature (regular, and preferably with a low degree of change), and something to eat (mold needs organic materials to survive).  At MoldTech, our mold remediation in Toronto usually begins with removing contaminated items from a home, which usually helps reveal the source of the mold growth. In our experience, mold prefers attics and basements, which, as less-frequented parts of your home, allows for pipes to drip longer, and for problems to remain unfound and hidden. Mold can begin to grow within 48 hours, so it’s important that your mold remediation addresses the cause of the mold growth as well as the remediation and clean up.

Removal and remediation

Removing mold and preventing it from growing again in your home is an important part of having a healthy, safe place to live. While many DIY websites suggest that you can remove mold safely and effectively yourself, this is not the case! At MoldTech, we’ve often come in to perform mold remediation in Toronto where our clients have tried valiantly to do it themselves first - often spreading mold to other rooms, making themselves or their families sick, or damaging parts of their home.

The two key steps to a MoldTech mold remediation are safety and cleaning. Containing our work site and preventing spores from spreading to other parts of the home during removal or clean-up is key to keeping our team and your family safe during the remediation process. Negative pressure, sealed vents, air supplies, and doorways, as well as industrial grade HEPA air filters, help contain and remove contaminated dust and particles.

Once all materials have been removed, cleaning can begin. At MoldTech, we take pride in our cleaning, working above and beyond industry standards to ensure that our worksites are left mold free. After we’ve cleaned, we test the air to make sure that we’ve got every last particle - and if we haven’t, we keep cleaning until the air quality is at 100%.

Hiring a professional for your mold removal

Hiring a professional to do your mold remediation in Toronto means that you gain access to specialized tools, experience, and top quality results. Each member of our remediation teams has logged many hours on site as well as in continuing education in health and safety, new technologies, and building codes and standards. At MoldTech, we employ tools such as thermal infrared charting and fibre optics to see within walls and other cavities in your homes to prevent the need to make holes or cause damage during a mold inspection.

Every mold remediation project with MoldTech means that you benefit from almost fifteen years of experience finding mold in residential and commercial buildings. Locating the sources and offering practical solutions to helping you prevent further mold growth is an important step for any remediation.

Choose MoldTech to perform your mold remediation

Choosing to have MoldTech as your mold remediation company ensures you have qualified, friendly, professionals working in your home, who will leave you with a clean, mold-free home. Everyone on the team is dedicated to answering your questions and ensuring that you have confidence and safety during the mold remediation process, and we’re happy to help you in whatever way we need.

If you are looking for mold remediation in Toronto, please get in touch with us at 1-866-684-7684.

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