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Dry Ice Blasting in Toronto 

One of the many ways MoldTech removes and remediates mold growth in homes or commercial businesses is by offering dry ice blasting in Toronto as one of our services. Dry ice blasting is a contemporary method of removing and remediating mold that can often be more cost and time effective for large spaces in need of mold removal. Also known as carbon dioxide blasting, this technique employs a pressurized, chilled carbon dioxide spray to remove mold.

The dry ice remediation process happens in three stages. First, a qualified technician uses specialized tools and equipment to spray chilled carbon dioxide pellets onto the surface needing cleaning, such as the interior of an attic or flooring in a basement. These supersonic pellets help knock mold off the surface being cleaned with minimal effect or damage on the surface itself.

The second phase is the freezing effect of the dry ice hitting the mold: micro-thermal shock. Dry ice is around -79C. This impact causes stress in the layers of growth on the surface, causing cracking and delaminating. Finally, the third phase of dry ice blasting is gas pressure, which happens as the cold substance explodes on impact and causes the mold to be forced from the surface. In addition, dry ice blasting in Toronto draws moisture out from porous materials, meaning that any mold spores that are below the surface are also deprived of their food and their growth is halted. This makes it an incredibly effective process, with less than 1% of mold spores left during some tests.

Dry ice blasting in Toronto is a non-abraisive and non-flammable procedure, and the carbon dioxide that is released during the process is dispersed into the air, where we are able to use high-powered fans to remove it from your home. This technologically advanced method of mold removal must be done by a professional with specialized tools and equipment, but it can often reduce remediation times by 60-80% in some cases. Unlike other methods, dry ice blasting in Toronto can be especially effective for narrow areas - small obstructions, wiring, plumbing or other architecture details are not harmed or disturbed by the process of dry ice blasting, making it a safe technique for delicate spaces.

A bonus of using dry ice blasting in Toronto is that this process creates very little waste from sanding or scraping, and it leaves the cleaned surface entirely dry, so that you can put up new drywall or install new insulation without needing to wait for a space to dry out. If you’re interested in learning more about dry ice blasting and think that it may be helpful in cleaning up mold contamination in your home, get in touch with us at MoldTech! From our receptionists to technicians, the team here is highly knowledgeable and interested in providing you with the tools to make the best decision for your home. Give us a call at 1-866-684-7684, or check out our website www.moldtech.ca

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