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Home maintenance and repair can sometimes seem like a daunting job - there are many small tasks to remember that can have a huge effect on your family’s comfort and safety. One of those responsibilties can be remembering to have a regular mold inspection in Mississauga. Mold can be sneaky problem in your home because, unlike a broken air conditioner or dripping faucet it’s generally not immediately obvious, and may not be actively affecting our daily lives. Having a mold inspection in Mississauga can help you find mold growth growing in your home, and protect you and your family from the affect it can have on your health. MoldTech is a mold removal and remediation company with over a decade of experience in mold removal and inspections in the GTA, and our professional technicians have years of experience locating even the smallest mold problems in your home. 

How do I Know It’s Mold?

Mold is a common and necessary part of the natural world, and has been invading our homes ever since we started building them. The problem begins when mold is toxic and otherwise unhealthy molds start growing out of control and begin to affect you and your family’s health, along with your belongings and home. Having a mold inspection in Mississauga can help identify if mold is growing in your home, and what type that it might be.

At MoldTech, our specialized experience conducting mold Inspection in Mississauga has given us a great deal of knowledge when it comes to mold and where it usually grows and hides in your home. Some molds are relatively easy to spot - perhaps there’s a discoloured spot in the bathroom, or a stain on the basement carpet. Rooms with mold growth in them may cause allergic reactions or smell musty and cause headaches. You may not even see mold growing in your home - it could be hidden behind drywall, or growing under or inside an old couch. A mold inspection in Mississauga is of huge value to you if you suspect that you have mold growing in your home - you want to ensure that mold is stopped before it does what it wants to, which is grow and continue to spread throughout your home.

Mold Has Serious Health Affects

Mold can cause serious damage to your home and property, but its worst affect is on your health. To reproduce, mold sends out airborne spores to create new colonies, and when these spores are inhaled, they can cause allergic reactions and serious health problems for both healthy people as well as those with existing illnesses. People with mold in their homes often complain about headaches, itchy eyes and nose, or a persistent cough that disappears when they leave the affected room or home. Long term exposure to mold, and especially to dangerous types like stachybotrys chartarum, can cause severe health problems that require urgent care in the hospital. At MoldTech, our mold inspection in Mississauga can help bring you peace of mind when it comes to you and your family’s health.

Locating Mold Growth

At MoldTech, our experience hunting mold and eradicating it from your home means we have an in-depth understanding of where and why mold grows in your home. As a living organism, mold needs three important features to grow and survive: moisture, food, and temperature. In our homes, underused and less-traveled spaces like the basement or attic are often where mold grows first, in part because things like small leaks can go undetected. During a mold inspection in Mississauga, specialists at MoldTech start in these problem areas, paying close attention to the signs of mold growth to ensure a comprehensive assessment is made.

Mold Removal After Inspection

After your mold inspection in Mississauga, the next step is to remove it and remediate your space so that you are comfortable and secure in your home. Because of the allergic reactions and toxic effects of some molds, the first step our technicians take is always safety. Wearing the best in protective gear, and employing tools like industrial-grade air filtration and negative pressure, we isolate the work site to prevent mold from travelling throughout your home. This key step is one that other contractors often neglect to do, but it has a huge effect - mold spreads through the air, and any spores released during demolition and clean up need to be contained and filtered so that you don’t have continued problems.

At MoldTech, we take cleaning seriously. After contaminated materials have been safely removed and disposed of, our technicians clean up the worksite so that any lingering mold is completely eradicated. If it’s not perfect, we do it again until it is, ensuring that you never have to worry about mold in this space again. Our mission is to leave your home fresher and cleaner than we found it, and we take a great deal of pride in the quality of our workmanship.

Hire a Professional for Your Mold Inspection

Having your mold inspection in Mississauga done by a professional at MoldTech means that you can feel confident that we will eradicate mold growth in your home. Our team works to city of Mississauga building codes as well as industry standards. We follow Health Canada’s standard practices and mold testing protocols to ensure both you and our teams stay safe during remediation. Ongoing education and training ensures that our technicians have a thorough understanding of the best practices and methods for using tools like fibre optics, thermal infrared charting, as well as non-invasive radio frequency gauges to conduct inspections and assessments without the need to open walls.

Every visual mold inspection in Mississauga at MoldTech means you also gain from our experience finding the source of mold growth. This is actually the final step in any mold removal - if you don’t correct the cause of the mold growth, you can’t ensure it won’t happen again. The experts at MoldTech can help pinpoint the exact cause of mold growth in your home and offer viable solutions to solve the problem.

The Benefits of Choosing MoldTech

In selecting MoldTech to perform your mold inspection in Mississauga, you are choosing a contractor with over a decade of experience with mold inspection, removal and remediation. From our receptionists to technicians, the team at MoldTech offers you a comprehensive, friendly service so that you can feel confident and empowered when it comes to making decisions about your home.

Our goal at MoldTech is to provide you with healthier home by removing mold. If you are looking for a mold inspection in Mississauga, please get in touch with us at 1-866-684-7684.

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