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Prevent Mold Growth During Humid Toronto Summers

Published on August 16, 2021

There’s a reason that summer is one of MoldTech’s busiest seasons for mold remediation in Toronto — humidity. Mold loves heat and moisture, which Toronto and the GTA’s summer months provide in abundance. The summer sun and sticky skin we love (or loathe) so much during July and August create almost the perfect conditions for various species of mold. Mold removal in Toronto nips new mold infestations in the bud, putting the brakes on future issues and improving the health and safety of your home. 

Control the Source of Humidity

Where creates humidity? As the air warms, it can hold more moisture, which can come from weather, cooking, bathing, swimming, and washing. Once airborne, water can then move around in ways it can’t while liquid. Controlling how much water is in your indoor environment is the first step in preventing summer mold growth. Luckily this is an easy fix!

Inspect Central High Humidity Areas

A few rooms are notorious for needing mold removal in Toronto: the bathroom, attic, and basement. These areas are often closed, with limited ventilation, and have water sources like piping, taps, or appliances.  Regular inspection of these spaces (especially the attic, which often has low traffic) can help you catch mold infestations early and give you valuable preventative tips.

Tips to Prevent Mold Growth

After over a decade in the mold remediation business, the MoldTech team has learned a thing or two about preventing indoor mold growth. Here are a few of our favourite tips for controlling indoor humidity during the summer: 

  • Dry wet clothes outside — the sun is free, and it keeps evaporated water out of your house!
  • Keep windows tightly shut during the day, and draw the curtains closed to keep the sun from warming up interior rooms and the hot, moisture-laden air outside. Open them if it cools off at night to bring in fresh air.
  • Directing rainwater away from the foundation of the house will prevent moist basements. 
  • Install ventilation fans in the bathroom and kitchen. Moist air from bathing and cooking is one of the most common causes of mold in these rooms. 
  • Install a dehumidifier in especially moist rooms like the basement.
  • Your air conditioner is an excellent way to cut indoor humidity since it acts like a dehumidifier. Keep it cleaned and well maintained. 
  • Inspect your attic and basement after major summer storms to ensure there isn’t any leaking or damage. 

When in Doubt, call MoldTech! 

If all of this sounds like too much, let the professionals help! Mold testing in Toronto is the best diagnostic tool available to homeowners. Even if we find no mold growth, you’ll benefit from a professional inspection of your home that will identify at-risk areas or places that need maintenance or repair. When it comes to preventing mold, nothing beats mold testing for efficacy! To ask about mold remediation in Toronto or any of the services MoldTech offers, you can connect with us via phone or online. 

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