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Having mold promptly and efficiently removed in your attic is an important step in maintaining a healthy and safe indoor environment. Having an attic mold removal in Vaughan doesn’t have to be a stressful, drawn out process - with MoldTech it can be pain-free and give you peace of mind.

With over a decade of experience in the mold removal and remediation business, we have been into many residential, commercial, and agricultural properties where there is mold growing in attics and false ceilings. Because the attic is generally not a place a homeowner frequents, it can grow unnoticed for months before it begins to cause trouble in the lower levels of your home. In fact, the attic is the top place we discover mold growing in our clients homes, so it’s important to have your attic assessed and an attic mold removal in Vaughan performed as soon as you suspect or find a problem.

What is Attic Mold?

While mold can be found everywhere in the environment, it’s not a welcome part of our home environment. Mold growing indoors is not necessarily the scary toxic black mold that is covered in the media, but it can cause damage to your home, poor health, and make your home uncomfortable to live in. Mold can ruin heirlooms and cause chronic health conditions, like asthma, to flare up more frequently, so it’s important to have an attic mold removal in Vaughan done to reduce the impact and remove the mold before it can move to other parts of your home. Unchecked mold growth can be a huge problem for homeowners, and because it can spread rapidly and is often hidden behind walls or in lower traffic areas like the attic, it can be hard to find.

At MoldTech, our wide range of experience performing attic mold removal in Vaughan and the GTA means that we have a deep understanding of the growth patterns and common causes of mold growth in the attic. Having a professional eye assess your attic and take samples will go a long way in determining the best course of removal and remediation to ensure that the mold growth does not spread or return.

Removing Mold Quickly Has a Positive Health Affect

Mold prefers to settle on and colonize materials like drywall, insulation, wooden studs, paper material, textiles, and wood furniture. While these things can be difficult to replace, most often they can be successfully cleaned - however, mold also has an insidious and often toxic effect on the human body, and can cause even the healthiest person to feel really ill. Because mold symptoms are so common and easily confused with the common cold or flu, it can easy to forget that something in your environment could be causing you to sneeze, give you itchy, watery eyes, or suffer from persistent headaches.

Mold reproduces by sending out spores that are easily breathed in; these spores then affect your mucous membranes and can trigger allergies or other health effects. If you find that you frequently experience these symptoms in certain rooms or spaces, it might be because of mold growth, and it’s important to check before your symptoms progress. Even if you don’t go into your attic, having an attic mold removal in Vaughan will still bring positive affects to your home and indoor air quality.

What Causes Mold to Grow in the Attic

Mold can be found in any room of your home - it only needs three magic ingredients to begin growing. At MoldTech, we generally begin our assessments in the attic, because it provides in abundance the those three ingredients: moisture, food, and temperature. Because they’re less frequented than other rooms, attics allow mold to grow for a long time undisturbed, and colonies can be large. When providing attic mold removal in Vaughan we often come across similar problems and causes for mold growth. An excess of moisture in the attic is a common problem - this can be because of blocked soffit vents, too few vents, or improperly connected bathroom or kitchen fans, among other things. This warm, humid air can condense on your roof sheathing or settle in your insulation, giving mold its ideal environment in which to thrive.

Knowing What Attic Mold Looks Like

Mold is a stealthy invader - depending on the type or where it’s found within the home, it can look furry, like a stain, or be black, green, or blue. The attic makes such a good place for mold because it is often offers enough of the last two ingredient for mold growth - food and temperature. Mold likes to eat organic materials, which can include everything from wood to dust to paper, and attics generally have enough wood and dust-coated insulation to offer up a feast.

While providing attic mold removal in Vaughan, we also find that many attics are improperly insulated, allowing the attic to hover in the perfect 0-50 degrees Celsius range that mold growth prefers. Because most attic floors are covered with a thick layer of insulation, mold growth can be trapped underneath, where it’s hidden during a quick visual assessment - when doing attic mold removal in Vaughan, MoldTech technicians take thorough air samples and ensure that  the entirety of the attic space is carefully looked over to prevent mold from going unseen.

Attic Mold Removal in Vaughan

If mold has been detected in your attic, don’t panic! Having a professional attic mold removal in Vaughan can be an easy, pain-free process that will safely remove mold growth and any contaminated materials, so that you can ensure your home is safe and clean.

It’s important that you have a professional like MoldTech perform your attic mold removal in Vaughan. At MoldTech, we prioritize your safety first, by isolating the attic and using industrial HEPA filters and containment to ensure that no mold is brought accidentally to other rooms in your home. With any mold removal, cleaning is one of the most important steps, and it’s something that we at MoldTech take special pride in - nothing is cleaner than MoldTech clean! Not only does our thorough cleaning remove the surface mold, but it will also kill off any lingering growth inside of your attic to ensure that the mold won’t return.

Choose Mold Tech for Your Attic Mold Removal in Vaughan

The professional team at MoldTech will ensure that your attic mold removal in Vaughan will be comprehensive and give you confidence and satisfaction in our work. Our teams undergo continuing education and certification to remain at the top of their fields, and use state of the art tools to allows us to detect even the smallest warning signs. These tools allow us to test everywhere without having to make a mess of your walls or home - which makes everyone happier.

After a decade of assessing and remediating homes, MoldTech is confident that we can provide you with the best attic mold removal in Vaughan. Our team is knowledgeable and happy to offer you any assistance you may need - please get in touch with us at 1-866-684-7684.

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