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Caring for your home can seem like a full-time job - there are many small tasks and repairs a homeowner must do to keep their family safe and healthy. One thing that can have a huge impact on your home and health is mold growth. It can be one of the most insidious problems in your home because, unlike a broken refrigerator or loose bathroom tiles, it’s not something that can be immediately obvious or affect our day to day life. Having a mold inspection in Toronto can help locate and protect your home from mold growth. MoldTech is a mold removal and remediation company with over a decade of experience performing mold inspection in Toronto and the GTA, and our trained technicians can find even the most minute amount of mold growing in your home.

Mold Inspection in TorontoWhat is Mold? How Do I Spot It?

Mold isn’t something new - it’s been growing in our homes ever since we started building them. As a naturally occurring member of the fungus family, there are many types of beneficial molds in the environment. The problems begin when mold starts growing in your home, where it can eat away at the structure of your building, furnishings, drywall, and any other organic material, and cause you and your family health trouble. Having a mold inspection in Toronto can help identify if mold is growing in your home and what type it may be.

At MoldTech, our specialized experience conducting mold inspection in Toronto has given us a depth of understanding when it comes to mold, mold types, and where it likes to hide in your home. Some molds are quite easy to spot - growing right out in the open, it can look like a discoloration or stain, and the room may smell musty or provoke an allergic reaction. Hidden mold growth may still cause allergies, but it could be concealed underneath, behind, or inside part of your home. A mold inspection in Toronto is of huge value to the homeowner suspecting mold growth in their home - as a living organism, mold’s primary objective is to grow and spread, and this is precisely what you want to avoid.

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Mold can Affect Your Health

The spread of mold in your home can be troublesome for your property and structure, but the real worry is the health of you and your family. Mold is spread via spores, which are essentially tiny microscopic babies it sends out in the air to create a new colony. These spores can be inhaled and can cause acute health problems and reactions in people both healthy and struggling with chronic illnesses. Common indications of mold allergies can be itchy eyes, a runny nose, or persistent headaches. Symptoms of mold growth may disappear entirely when you leave an infected room or home, but long term exposure to toxic varieties of mold can cause severe chronic health problems.  These concerns are why at MoldTech we recommend a mold inspection in Toronto when any client reports common mold allergy symptoms, or finds a curious stain on a wall.

Where Does Mold Usually Grow?

Mold needs three key elements to survive: moisture, temperature, and food. These three things are surprisingly easy to find in every home, but at MoldTech, our Toronto mold inspection services usually locate mold growing most frequently in the attic and in the basement. This is because both spaces are generally less frequented than the rest of the home, which results in less fresh air that can help dry out damp areas. Less traffic means you’re less likely to notice if there’s a problem causing moisture, like a leak in the roof or in the washer. When running a mold inspection in Toronto, MoldTech pays close attention to these problem areas in a home so that any hidden problems are located and dealt with.

Removing Mold After an Inspection

If you’ve contacted us at MoldTech, and we’ve found mold in your home after performing a mold inspection in Toronto, the next steps are removing it safely and cleanly so that you can feel secure in your home.

When we arrive to perform mold removal, the technicians at MoldTech always begin with safety. The first step is isolating our workplace so that no mold is inadvertently spread during any demolition or removal. The next is to use negative pressure and high-powered industrial grade filtration to clean the air and ensure that as soon as we begin to bag and remove contaminated drywall, studs or materials, anything that gets released into the air is caught and kept within our working area.

After we’ve finished removing anything with mold growth, then the next stage can begin: cleaning. At MoldTech, cleaning is a critical part of any job we do.  Our clean up work is performed to a higher standard than industry guidelines, often resulting in twice the work - but this extra step makes sure that you won’t have to worry about mold growth again. Our goal is to leave your home smelling and feeling better than how we found it, and we take pride in our high degree of workmanship.

Use a Professional for Your Mold Inspection

Having your mold inspection in Toronto done by a professional at MoldTech means that you can feel confident in our diagnoses and work. Our technicians work to local building codes and industry standards, following Health Canada’s standard practices and testing protocols for mold inspection and removal. We use state of the art tools to detect mold growth behind walls and inside structures so that there is no need to open walls before mold growth is confirmed. We commonly use tools like fiber optics, thermal infrared charting, and non-invasive radio frequency gauges, as well as taking surface samples when needed.

Every visual mold inspection in Toronto at MoldTech means you also benefit from our experience find the source of mold. Locating the reason why mold is growing in your home is the key to preventing it from happening again in the future, and at MoldTech our experts can help pinpoint the exact cause and offer solutions to solve the problem.

The Benefits of Choosing MoldTech

By choosing MoldTech to perform your mold inspection in Toronto, you have the benefit of using a company with more than a decade of experience performing mold inspections, removal and remediation. From our receptionists to our technicians, the MoldTech team offers a knowledgeable, friendly service, with experience working on buildings big and small - both commercial and residential - as well as with insurance companies, contractors, realtors, and engineers.

Our goal at MoldTech is to provide you with a cleaner, healthier home through mold inspection and removal. If you are looking for a mold inspection in Toronto, please get in touch with us at 1-866-684-7684.

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