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Mold Inspection & Testing

In our opinion, nothing beats a scrutinizing and thorough visual inspection when it comes to searching for mold growth. Some mold inspection firms won't manipulate contents and furniture to access hard to reach places. At MoldTech, we like to ensure that the entire site has been inspected for any visible mould, and we don't mind getting into hard to reach places or moving some light furniture.

We only send trained and certified mold inspectors to your home or office who have had a minimum 5 years of mold inspection experience. Our certified mold inspectors, who are all IICRC certified Water Restoration Technicians with certification in Advanced Structural Drying as well, can evaluate any water damage and mould growth while adhering to standard practices and protocols of Health Canada.

We use state of the art mold detection equipment; it certainly serves a purpose and compliments the inquisitive nature of our certified mold inspectors. High end mold inspection instrumentation means nothing, if there is no thought behind the techniques implemented during an on-site mold inspection.

Our complete visual mold inspection service includes:

  • The use of fibre optic wall cavity cameras
  • Thermal infrared cameras 
  • Psychrometry: understanding how water moves and behaves during a water event is pivotal for remediation implementation
  • Non-invasive radio frequency gauges to locate hidden moisture sources and potential mold growth
  • An examination of the building exterior in search of moisture intrusions
  • The investigation of walls, ceilings, floors, basement, attic and crawlspaces
  • Recommendations that will instantly increase your indoor air quality*
  • The investigation of all ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems
  • A comprehensive report that clearly details all our findings and initiates the next step to a healthy environment
  • Air Sampling for mold

We pride ourselves on our recommendations. We have a vast knowledge that you can continually tap into well after the site visit and mold inspection is over. Whether it be remodelling your home and basement, waterproofing or grading around the home, or re-roofing, we have all the answers. We are in the business of witnessing the wrong way to do things; let us help you do it right as part of our mould inspection service.

Mold Tech uses an Anderson Style Bioaerosol Sampler when sampling your air for mold. This sampler can either collect viable spores and impact them onto a petri dish or use an air-o-cell cassette that traps both viable (living) and non-viable (dead) mold spores.

The information gathered from this device concerning mold in your home or office's air is invaluable for determining the severity of a mould problem. It can help identify a potentially hidden problem, or it can help us determine whether demolition activities have aerosolized mold spores during your renovation.

Mold air sampling may be necessary if the building inhabitants are suffering from health issues, which are or may be linked with mold exposure. Mold sampling is also used for comparative purposes. An outdoor control air test is taken to determine whether mold is being amplified within a home, office, or industrial building.

If required, we also offer bulk analysis of mold covered materials. We can have a sample assessed to determine the type and extent of mould growth on any material. This is helpful when determining the scope of contents remediation or during a water loss going through your insurance.

Can we find the source?!?

This is probably the single most important question we get asked. What good is an assessment, if we can't tell you how to fix it and prevent it? How can you prevent it, if you don't know what has caused it?

Our success rate when it comes to determining a source of mold growth is unparalleled. Using high-tech instrumentation and our large knowledge base, we'll find the issue for you. We have our engineer on-call for emergencies to ensure we cover all of our bases. We offer this additional service for you at no charge.

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