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Mold Testing in Toronto & the GTA

Owning a home comes with a lot of responsibility, with many small things that need regular repair or maintenance to keep them running efficiently. But there are other problems that can plague homes, and one of the unseen problems that can affect homes across the GTA is mold growth, making mold testing in Toronto an important tool in detecting mold before it gets out of control. As one of the sneakiest home problems, it can grow unseen and undetected while having a huge effect on you and your family’s health and safety. Having mold testing in Toronto can identify problems areas in your home and protect you from mold growth. With almost fifteen years of experience performing mold removal and remediation in Toronto, our highly trained technicians can help you locate even the smallest mold growth and offer solutions for remediating the area.

How do I Spot Mold Growth?

Mold is growing all around us - it’s a necessary part of the natural world, and contributes to important ecological functions, and it’s not inherently bad for you or the environment. The trouble comes when mold is growing in your home - even those types that are non-toxic can cause allergies and health effects. Mold can also eat away at wooden studs and drywall, destroy soft furnishing and other organic materials, and in severe situations, even cause serious illness. Having mold testing in Toronto performed can help you identify if and what kind of mold may be growing in your home.

MoldTech’s specialized experience with mold removal and remediation means that we are the best at mold testing in Toronto. In some homes, mold can be quite easy to spot, appearing as a discolouration, or a stain. A room with mold growth may smell musty or cause sneezing or headaches and other physical symptoms. However, mold growth may not be visible to the naked eye, and could be lurking underneath or inside a part of your home. Performing mold testing in Toronto is the only way to ensure that you have no serious mold growth problem in your home, and this testing can be of huge value to concerned families. Mold wants to grow and spread, and it doesn’t discriminate, so it’s important to catch it early before it causes a lot of damage.

Mold’s Toxic Health Affects

While mold may eat up a portion of drywall or ruin that old couch in the basement, the good thing is that those things are replaceable - but your health isn’t. Mold spreads itself and replicates by small, airborne particles called spores. These spores float around and settle on new places to colonize, but once airborne they can also be breathed in. For the young, old, or ill, these spores can cause serious health problems and reactions. But even if you’re healthy, mold spores can still cause you chronic health problems like a runny nose, itchy eyes, and headaches. Symptoms most often disappear once an affected person leaves a contaminated room, which is a good warning sign that something might be amiss. These concerns are why MoldTech recommends mold testing in Toronto when you have a concern about mold growth and report these symptoms or signs of mold growth.

Locating Mold Growth

Mold is a clever invader, knowing where it is best to hide to evade detection. To survive in your home, however, mold needs three elements to be present so it can survive: moisture, temperature, and a food source. At MoldTech, we often start mold testing in Toronto homes in the basement or attic, spaces that have less traffic and are often damp, warm, and full of lots of organic material for mold to eat. A leaky roof or dripping pipe in the basement can go unnoticed for weeks, and mold only needs 48 hours before it starts to grow, which is why MoldTech’s mold testing in Toronto pays close attention to these problem areas to ensure that any problems are dealt with.

Removal and Remediation

The hardest part of mold in your home is getting rid of it! Normal household cleaners, bleaches, or hardware store remedies are not enough - mold is resistant to many of these cleaners, and even a minute section that is missed can cause complete regrowth in a short period of time. Having mold testing in Toronto is just the first step: remediation and removal is the second.

At MoldTech, our mold removal technicians prioritize safety first. We isolate our workspaces and use negative pressure to ensure that any particles raised into the air during removal are caught by industrial grade air filtration and don’t travel to other rooms in your home. All contaminated materials are safely bagged and removed before we begin cleaning. This is truly the most important step, and it’s not one we skimp on - at MoldTech we pride ourselves on performing a better cleaning than is required by industry standards, because we want to ensure that any mold growth is removed for good. Our goal is to leave your home clean and mold free, and we take a great deal of pride in the high quality of our workmanship.

Use a Professional for Your Mold Inspection

Having your mold testing in Toronto performed by a professional at MoldTech means that you can feel confident in our results and work. Each of our team members has extensive experience, training, and works to local and industry code and standards. Our state of the art tools to detect mold helps to reveal unseen colonies behind walls or inside structures, mitigating the need to make messy, invasive holes to peek inside small cavities. When needed, we use non-invasive radio frequency gauges, thermal infrared charting, and fibre optics to help aid our diagnoses.

Every mold testing in Toronto with MoldTech means that you also gain our experience in locating the source of mold growth. The ‘why’ behind mold is the key to preventing it from happening in the future, and our experts can offer practical solutions to helping you prevent future problems.

The Benefits of Choosing MoldTech

Choosing to have MoldTech test your home means you will benefits from more than a decade of experience working with homeowners and businesses who are trying to solve mold growth problems in their buildings. Everyone at the MoldTech team is knowledgeable, friendly, and is happy to answer any questions or concerns you may home.

If you are looking for mold testing in Toronto, please get in touch with us at 1-866-684-7684.

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