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Why Your Insulation Needs Mold Removal in Toronto

Published on October 25, 2022

Mold infestation often frequents attics due to their ability to provide all the conditions that mold spores require to thrive and reproduce. But because the attic is so far out of sight and not part of day-to-day routines, property owners don’t realize they even need attic mold removal until the infestation expands to the point where it has contaminated a significant portion of attic insulation. 

MoldTech has helped thousands of families with attic mold removal in Toronto after discovering mold growth on attic joists, attic insulation, or other parts of the attic environment. Mold’s effects can quickly be felt throughout the house and needs quick and professional removal to ensure your health and safety. 

Read on to learn why insulation needs careful and fast mold removal in Toronto.

Why Does Mold Infest Insulation?

attic mold removal TorontoProperties throughout Toronto and the GTA require insulation to retain heat and enable indoor  comfort. But overtime mold can contaminate the insulation tucked away within the attic causing the material to deteriorate and the air quality to decline. Mold often finds its way to attic insulation because of moisture from leaks or humidity and the organic material found in older insulation types. To protect your attic insulation, early detection followed by expert mold removal in Toronto is essential. To get started with attic mold removal, contact the MoldTech team today. 

Causes & Signs of Mold Growth on Insulation

Even if it’s difficult to see or you don’t visit your attic frequently, some of the causes and signs of attic mold are easily detected in other rooms.

Some of the reasons for attic mold include:

  • Damage to the roof, siding, or gutters can introduce water
  • Pests like raccoons, bats, or other rodents
  • High indoor humidity 
  • Water leaks

Mold itself is often difficult to spot, but you can keep your eyes peeled for its effects, such as:

  • Marks on the ceiling or walls 
  • Problems balancing your thermostat
  • Drafts or cold/hot spots
  • A musty odour
  • Dampness or high humidity

What are the Health Risks of Mold?

Mold is a problem for two reasons. First, it can cause costly physical damage to your home, eating through supporting structures, family heirlooms, and even ruining appliances. But objects are replaceable — and your health isn’t. Exposure to mold growth can cause many scary and long-term health effects. The effects can be more pronounced and severe if you have small children or elders in your household. Some types of mold, like toxic black mold, may even result in hospitalization and severe illness.

How to Prevent Attic Mold

When was the last time you inspected your attic for mold growth? If you answered “never” or “years ago,” you’re not unlike many MoldTech clients! Prevention is one of the most critical aspects of our attic mold removal program. Like an annual physical, mold inspection can catch any issues before they become a problem, preventing the need for costly remediation down the road. Mold removal in Toronto can help you get back to a healthy, functioning attic — ask the MoldTech team for more information on how we can help!

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