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Why You Should Keep Mold Out of Your Attic Insulation

Published on August 03, 2022

If you asked the MoldTech team where we do the most mold removal in Toronto, there’s only one possible answer: the attic. There are many complex reasons why attic mold removal is a common service across the GTA, and for many homeowners the cause of attic mold is deeply connected with insulation.  In this article, we’re going to share some warning signs of attic mold growth, how it affects indoor air quality, and why the MoldTech crew thinks you should pay attention.

Signs of Mold in the Attic

attic mold removal TorontoWhile a professional mold inspection in the attic is the best way to determine whether or not you have attic mold, many homeowners can detect subtle warning signs and symptoms on their own. 

While mold can be difficult to spot by eyesight alone, the visual effects of mold growth may resemble staining and discolouration. Mold can appear in many colours and textures, and the dark grey or black mold varieties are often the most fast-growing and dangerous types. 

Signs of attic mold also include:

  • Increased indoor humidity.
  • Saggy ceilings. 
  • A musty odour.
  • Thermostat imbalances (cold or hot rooms).
  • Health symptoms.

Indoor Air Quality & Attic Mold

One of the reasons it’s so essential to have attic mold removal is that an imbalance in this system deeply affects your indoor air quality. Mold reproduces by creating airborne spores that spread the infestation and affect your respiratory system. Healthy insulation helps to protect your indoor air quality by balancing humidity and temperature, two critical factors in mold growth. Once it’s affected, moldy insulation causes indoor air quality issues that can degrade insulation further. 

Compromised Air Quality & Architecture

Attic mold growth has two serious (not to mention expensive) side effects. The first is your indoor air quality. As we learn more about the importance of indoor air quality on general health, concentration, sleep, and respiratory health, it’s clear that clean air is crucial to a healthy life. 

Mold growth can cause allergic reactions and poor health in healthy people, causing symptoms such as:

  • Sneezing.
  • Coughing.
  • Headache.
  • Fatigue.

If there are members of your household with asthma or other chronic health issues, the effects of living with mold in the home can be severe and even life-threatening. 

Mold also attacks the bones of a building: the joists, beams, walls, and floors. In nature, mold helps break down wood, textiles, and other organic material — but you can see why this would be a disaster for your home! As each effect of mold growth gets worse, your home can become more and more unsafe to live in from a health and physical safety perspective. 

Attic Mold Removal at MoldTech

MoldTech has been helping families correct attic mold problems for over a decade. Our safe and science-based mold testing and inspection services are reliable preventative or diagnostic services. If you need mold removal in Toronto, we’ll get to the root of the problem and thoroughly remediate your attic to ensure the health and safety of your whole home. To learn more about how your attic may be at risk and what mold remediation is like, reach out to the MoldTech team. 

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