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Why Summertime is a Breeding Ground for Mold

Published on August 01, 2020

Pool Toys and MoldSummer in Toronto comes with long, hot and humid days best enjoyed in the backyard or by the beach. However, the abundance of sunshine heats up our homes, and can significantly increase your risk of mold growth in the home. Summertime can be a breeding ground for mold and raise your likelihood of needing mold removal in Toronto, but knowing why this happens can help you prevent it. 

Why Mold Grows in Summertime

There are a few reasons that we see an increase in mold inspections in Toronto during the summer months. 

1. Weather

In Toronto we experience hot and humid weather for 3-4 months each year with heat waves followed by thunderstorms or rain. This combination - heat and water - is the perfect condition for mold growth. Mold growth thrives in these conditions and can grow extremely fast, beginning within 48 hours of these ideal conditions.

2. Vacation

Summertime often means road trips, visits to the cottage, or weekends away. These extended times away from home can often bring with www.trustytime8.com them unexpected mold risks arising from open windows, trapped humidity, or leaks. Not to mention beach accessories sitting in your car or a small bag. 

3. Summer Toys

Our kids’ favourite summer toys or activities can also be the reason for an increase in indoor mold growth. Wet bathing suits, water guns, pool floaties and other toys can bring unnecessary water into the home that when combined with humidity increases the chances of mold growth.

4. Water

If you’re sensing a theme about moisture, you’re not wrong. As it gets hotter, the air can hold more moisture, and we’re also more likely to pour ourselves cool drinks, sweat more frequently, and shower more often - all of which can lead to a lot more humidity and water trapped indoors.

How Can I Prevent Summertime Mold? 

With many ways for water to enter your home, what is the best way to prevent summer mold growth and avoid needing a mold inspection in Toronto? A few strategies you can put into place today are: 

  • Increase ventilation indoors by installing exhaust fans in rooms like the kitchen or bathroom. If the temperature cools off at night, opening your windows can help move humid air out of the house too. 
  • Manage humidity indoors by installing a dehumidifier in especially humid places, like the basement. 
  • Keep things clean and dry - dry wet towels outdoors or in a well-ventilated area, and prevent things from lingering in a pile on the floor. 
  • Get humidity monitors from the hardware store - they’re cheap and can help you identify places that need extra support. 

Work with MoldTech for a Mold Free Summer

Summertime mold growth can throw a wrench in your relaxation plans, but it doesn’t have to be scary. Mold removal in Toronto with MoldTech is a safe and thorough way to get your summer plans back on track and help you prevent mold problems from recurring again in the future. For more information on mold removal this summer, call us at 1-866-684-7684 or visit our website for details on our products and services. 

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