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Why Professional Mold Testing in Vaughan is So Important

Published on June 26, 2024

Even when there are plenty of signs you need mold removal in Vaughan, locating the infestation can be challenging. Without professional mold testing, colonies may hide behind walls or under insulation without visible signs for years. At MoldTech, we can help you discover mold growth and reduce your chance of infestations through safe and effective mold inspection and testing. In this article, we’ll share why our specialized services are crucial to rooting out hidden mold growth and how it improves your health and safety at home. 

Comprehensive Assessment

mold removal in vaughanUnderstanding your risks and the scope of mold growth in your home starts with a comprehensive assessment. At MoldTech, this means we look at your whole home, inside and out, not just for visible evidence of mold. 

This comprehensive assessment is essential because it can alert us to problem areas or issues that may lead to mold growth indoors. For example, homes with overhanging trees or bushes often experience increased humidity in the corresponding interior space. Humidity is one of the critical causes of mold infestations, so noting this and following up indoors is a valuable step. 

Accurate Identification of Mold

Many homeowners book us for mold testing because they want to ensure they can choose remediation and prevention strategies that really work. Identifying the type of mold can help with this. There are thousands of different species of mold, and each prefers different growing areas, mediums, and needs. Some types of mold even have toxic effects.

Accurate identification of the type of mold you have may not be necessary for every home, but it can help with stubborn or complex infestations and help us develop a better plan of action. It can also help families suffering from severe allergies by identifying specific species. 

Health and Safety

Mold growth causes serious health and safety problems in homes, causing a range of allergic responses and more acute health issues in people of all ages. For example, there are compelling links between the development of childhood asthma and living around mold.

Mold feeds on organic material, and we commonly find it on attic sheathing, studs, and drywall. Property damage can be severe and may require costly renovations. Early detection is, therefore, one of the primary objectives of mold testing since it will help you avoid the negative health consequences and damage caused by a hidden mold infestation.

Gain Peace of Mind With MoldTech 

In many homes, the visible parts of a mold infestation (if any) are only the tip of a much larger, and more complex, iceberg than you realize. Professional mold removal in Vaughan ensures that every last spore is removed through MoldTech’s safe and science-led treatments. Working with us eliminates cross-contamination and ensures that all parts of the colony are located and removed. As part of every mold removal, the MoldTech team will help identify the cause of the infestation so that you can fix the cause and avoid future reinfestation. Check your home for hidden mold colonies with us today: call or email MoldTech to learn more. 


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