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Why a Regular Mold Inspection is a Must

Published on June 09, 2021

The best way to prevent attic mold removal is to have regular mold inspections in Toronto. The professional approach can help root out hidden infestations, resolve problems that are causing mold growth, and help you make your home healthier and safer for the whole family. For over a decade, the MoldTech team has assisted homeowners in Toronto, and the GTA discovered mold growth through professional, science-based testing and inspections. 

Sometimes Mold Isn’t Visible

The most important reason to have regular mold testing is that mold infestations often grow in hidden places. If mold infestations were as easy to notice as a burnt-out lightbulb, it would be a much more straightforward problem to fix! When it comes to dark, low-traffic areas like the attic, mold growth is often difficult to discover by sight alone. 

During a mold inspection in Toronto, we might find mold growing: 

  • behind drywall
  • underneath flooring
  • below insulation
  • inside wall cavities
  • around piping or venting
  • behind heavy furniture or appliances

These difficult-to-reach places make regular mold testing your number one ally. MoldTech’s sensitive tools and professional equipment make detection easy and painless. 

Stops the Spread

Mold can increase quickly, which is another excellent reason to book regular mold inspections. For example, we’ve found that mold can start growing as soon as 48 hours after a flood or leak happens! Stopping that infestation before it takes hold and spreads to other areas of your home is very important. Mold can accidentally spread in several ways, such as through ductwork, by pets, on shoes, or by cleaning equipment. 

How Often Should Mold Inspections Happen?

Determining when the best time to have your mold inspection in Toronto can vary. Generally, we like to recommend having your home testing one to two times a year, but there are other key moments that we want to highlight: 

When welcoming a new family member: Elders and small children are especially susceptible to the adverse health effects of mold growth — make sure your home is safe before new family members arrive! 

When having renovations: If you’re already planning to renovate, piggy-backing mold testing or attic mold removal saves time and money. 

After extreme weather or flooding: If you’ve recently experienced damage to your home due to weather or accidents, adding mold testing to your clean-up plans can help put the brakes on any new mold infestations. 

Book a Routine Mold Test with MoldTech

Does your Toronto home need mold testing? The only way to know is to ask! MoldTech offers free visual mold inspections that can help you determine whether or not you need to have further testing. Mold inspections take into account both internal and external factors and can help notice problems or issues that can contribute to the formation of mold growth. To speak to a MoldTech technician about your attic, basement, or other room in your home, use our contact page to get in touch.



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