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Which Is The Best Company For Mold Removal In Toronto?

Published on March 17, 2021

If you discover mold growth in your home, a quick Google search will quickly pull up hundreds of local options for mold removal in Toronto and the GTA. But knowing what contractor is going to provide trustworthy and safe mold testing or mold removal isn’t as simple. At MoldTech, we want you to get the best service possible — which is why we’re sharing three things we think you should ask a potential mold contractor. These three points will help you find someone you can trust to get the job done right. 

Look Into Services Offered

When inviting a contractor into your home to perform a specialty service like mold removal in Toronto and the GTA, you want to take a look at their whole menu, because it can give you a good idea of their strengths and skills. A contractor who does plumbing, mold testing, and installs flooring may not have the specialized skills and tools needed to safely and effectively remediate a mold infestation, and may in fact make the problem worse. When it comes to mold remediation, you want a contractor who deals in mold exclusively — they’ll have the knowledge, tools, and training to ensure that your mold issue is resolved correctly. 

Ask About Certification

An easy way for a contractor to back up their claims is by providing professional certification or accreditation, which any reliable mold remediation company in Toronto should be able to do. At MoldTech, we hold active memberships with three different certification bodies, the IICRC, the National Association of Mold Professionals, and the Indoor Air Quality Association. These certifications are more than just a stamp of approval — they hold us to rigorous safety and industry standards when it comes to mold removal, and keep us at the leading edge of latest in contemporary mold remediation best practices. 

Check Customer Reviews

The third thing to look for is customer reviews — what are past clients saying about their workmanship? Taking a quick look at reviews can help you determine whether or not a potential contractor is going to be good to work with. Make note of repeated words and phrases, because they say a lot. At MoldTech, we’re thrilled to have a 9.9/10 rating on HomeStars — which we think speaks for itself. 

Choose a Real Professional

When it comes to some jobs around the house, a general handyman is the a great choice, but for mold removal in Toronto and the GTA, a professional is the only option. Remediation isn’t just about mold removal, it’s also about prevention, education, and, most importantly, a thorough cleaning. Mold can damage the structure of your home and cause serious health effects that range from respiratory distress to cognitive issues, and should be approached with the utmost safety. If you have questions about mold testing in Toronto or need more information about mold removal, give us a call or use our contact form to get in touch. 

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