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Where Does Black Mold Grow?

Published on November 21, 2022

Out of the thousands of types of mold found in the GTA, many of which release mycotoxins, black mold is considered the most prevalent and dangerous. If you discover mold growing in your home, scheduling black mold removal with the MoldTech team should be your first call. With professional mold remediation from a trusted provider rather than DIY alternatives, you can have the peace of mind that your property and the people in it are spared the effects of toxic mold spores. 

What is Black Mold?

As we’ve mentioned, various types of mold affect residential and commercial buildings. They can grow in all colours of the rainbow, but when they appear black, dark green, or even brown, we suggest property owners take extra precautions. This is because of a particular species of black mold called Stachybotrys Chartarum, which produces mycotoxins, a potent - and toxic - substance that can cause serious health effects. While not all black mold is toxic (you can schedule mold testing if you want to know for sure!), we still treat it the same out of caution. 

Places Where Black Mold Thrives

MoldTech has seen mold growing from the top to bottom of a house, but there are rooms which have a greater risk than others, such as the:

  • Kitchen
  • Basement
  • Crawl Space
  • Laundry room
  • Attic

One commonality you’ll notice is that each room has a water source (such as a sink, drain, or piping) or can experience damage from exterior water (such as roof damage or leaks). Water is the single most crucial ingredient mold needs to thrive — eliminate the water and you’ll eliminate the mold. 

What Type of Black Mold is Toxic?

While Stachybotrys Chartarum is on the A-list of toxic mold species, many other types of mold (black-coloured or not) may be toxic. MoldTech’s advice remains the same: bring in professional mold remediation specialists as soon as possible, no matter the colour, texture, or size of the infestation.

How to Prevent Black Mold Growth

Prevention isn't difficult when it comes to household mold growth in Toronto and the GTA.  Here are our team’s top 5 black mold prevention strategies:

  • Dry up after a flood or water leak ASAP using fans, mops, and plenty of ventilation. 
  • Have an annual mold inspection in areas like the attic, where there is less traffic and high risk. 
  • Install fans in the kitchen and bathroom where there’s lots of moisture. 
  • Consider water-proofing strategies for areas like the basement or crawlspace. 
  • Balance your indoor humidity at 40-50% all year round. 

Black Mold Remediation with MoldTech

When it comes to black mold removal, MoldTech is a trusted company with over a decade of experience serving the GTA. We’ve helped thousands of homeowners and property managers safely and discreetly remove mold growth of all colours and types and made recommendations to ensure we don’t have repeat customers! Our friendly and professional team has completed thousands of hours of on-the-job and in-the-classroom training on the latest in mold remediation science and technology. To have your home inspected for mold growth or inquire about black mold remediation, contact our team online or by phone today. 

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