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What are the Top 5 Sources of Mold Growth

Published on March 25, 2024

During a mold removal in Vaughan, homeowners often ask the MoldTech team why there is an infestation in their home — after all, mold often grows despite our best efforts and in unexpected places. This answer (and more) are often revealed during removal, or, if you’re looking to prevent a mold infestation, during mold testing in Vaughan. Mold has several preferred habitats within buildings, but the top five sources rarely vary. Here’s what our team has learned through over a decade of mold testing and remediation. 

Flooding or pipe leaks

What are the Top 5 Sources of Mold GrowthIf your home is in a flood-prone area or has recently had a pipe burst or long-term leak, MoldTech recommends annual mold testing to monitor for any hidden mold growth problems. Moisture can get trapped behind heavy furniture or inside walls, sparking a mold infestation — and because it will have trouble drying out, it can be sustained for a long time. 

Roof damage

Attic mold in Vaughan is a common issue that affects many homeowners. Attic mold can be triggered by roof damage or low-handing shrubs or trees that trap moisture. After significant storms or weather events, we suggest inspecting your attic from the exterior and interior to ensure no missing shingles or punctures to the roof membrane. Mold testing in the attic can help identify mold hidden by insulation. 

Damaged doors or windows

As our houses age, the seal around our doors and windows ages too, which can be a sneaky source of mold growth in the walls. Moisture can drip or blow inside the walls, floors, or ceiling cavities, slowly spreading a mold infestation across multiple rooms or floors. 

Airflow issues

One of mold’s greatest enemies is airflow. After all, stagnant air prevents moisture from drying up and allows spores to linger. Increasing the airflow in your basement or attic is one of the simplest ways to prevent mold growth indoors. 

High humidity

Rooms like the kitchen, bathroom, and attic often have higher rates of mold growth than other rooms because of higher humidity caused by cooking, showering, or design. For example, during mold testing in Vaughan, we often find mold growth in powder rooms, which are generally small and windowless — moisture and humidity have nowhere to go. 

Follow the Moisture

When it comes to mold awareness, the MoldTech team’s best piece of advice is to follow the water — where moisture exists in your home, there is always a greater risk of mold growth. The good news is that there are many ways to reduce excess moisture indoors and catch mold infestations when they’re small and easy to remove. 

Effective Mold Removal in Vaughan

During mold removal in Vaughan, we’ll help you identify the cause of your mold growth and understand the source or issues that factor into its appearance. This will help you implement smart changes and fixes that prevent or reduce the likelihood of mold ever happening again. Don’t risk the stress and negative health effects of indoor mold problems—call the MoldTech team to book your free visual inspection or mold removal today. 

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