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What Are The Levels of Mold Damage?

Published on July 16, 2021

Most homeowners know that finding mold growth isn’t a good sign, and that it can can lead to unwanted problems like structural damage and health issues. The best way to avoid mold remediation in Toronto is twofold: first, put into place routines and strategies to prevent mold growth, and second, take swift action whenever there are moisture or humidity issues. Mold removal in Toronto is often divided into generals levels in which level one is considered minor and level five the most severe. MoldTech can help you learn more about mold growth and mold levels.

Level 1 Mold

Mold infestations that are smaller than 10 square feet are considered level 1 mold infestations and generally are the fastest and easiest to clean up. You can almost think of them as the ‘best’ diagnoses — you’ve caught the problem at the beginning, and the mold can be quickly and efficiently eliminated. 

Level 2 Mold

Covering areas 10-30 square feet large, a level 2 mold infestation is generally an indicator of a long-term or underlying issue, like humidity, condensation, drips, or leaks. They’re a very common diagnoses at MoldTech, and are contained to surface areas that are easy to remove or clean. 

Level 3 Mold

Level 3 is where mold removal in Toronto starts getting more complex. 30-100 square feet large, a level 3 mold infestation calls for an immediate professional response. Mold testing and a thorough inspection of the entire property to check for secondary infestations are usually necessary, and remediation may take more than one day. 

Level 4 Mold

At 100 square feet or more, a level 4 mold contamination takes in all the considerations of level 3 but adds on comprehensive biosecurity and more invasive remediation. At level 4, your home may already be suffering structural damage, and you and your family could be at serious risk of mold-related illnesses. 

Level 5 Mold

When a mold infestation reaches level 5, this indicates severe structural and mechanical problems that are either exacerbating or causing mold growth. Level 5 contamination usually includes mold in the HVAC system, mold in attic insulation, or mold that produces mycotoxins, which severely affects the brain and body. 

How Do I Find Out What Level My Mold Is?

It’s difficult to tell what level of mold contamination you’re facing by sight alone. Mold often shows only a tiny portion of its range, making mold testing in Toronto a key ally in early detection.  At MoldTech, we find that most homes in Toronto and the GTA suffer from level 1 or level 2 mold at some point: small infestations that we can quickly and safely nip in the bud. When we discover contamination at level 3, and up, safety is our biggest priority to ensure the wellbeing of you and your family. To ask us about mold remediation in Toronto and learn more about mold levels, use our contact page to reach out to the team — we’re here to help you!

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