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The Ultimate Mold Prevention Guide

Published on May 07, 2020

They say in medicine that “prevention is 9/10ths of the cure”  and the same goes for preventing mold growth in your home. If mold is already growing in your home, mold testing in Toronto is the first step to a total cure, but the best time to start thinking about mold is before it even starts! At MoldTech, we have over a decade of experience doing mold inspection and testing in Toronto and the GTA, and we’ve learned a few things on why and how mold starts growing in homes. For the ultimate in mold prevention tips, read on!

Preventing Home Mold Growth Room by Room


The basement is one of the most common places we find mold growth. That’s because it often has high humidity and little air flow. The following tips can greatly reduce your risk:

  • Fix leaky pipes and insulate them to prevent condensation.
  • Use plastic - not paper - to store items, and keep them off the floor.
  • Use a dehumidifier to reduce dampness. 

Laundry Room

Here’s another source of moisture and heat that can often result in mold problems: 

  • Vent your dryer to the outdoors.
  • Consider drying laundry indoors in a well ventilated space to reduce humidity.
  • Regularly check hoses and connections for leakage.


Cooking can add significant moisture to your indoor environment. Consider these tips when using your kitchen:

  • Install a range hood that vents to the outdoors.
  • Inspect and insulate pipes - under the counter is a favoured growing site. 
  • If you have a dishwasher, always run it while you’re home - if something goes wrong, you can quickly shut it off before there’s a major leak. 


Like the kitchen, the bathroom is full of moisture. Think about changing things to prevent mold growth, like: 

  • Install a fan and run it while bathing to reduce moisture. 
  • Inspect drains and connections regularly to prevent leaks. 
  • Replace and repair cracks or damaged tile, grout, and caulking.


Next to the basement, the attic is the most common place we do mold testing in Toronto. Ways to prevent mold growth in your attic include:

  • Ensure there’s good ventilation so that humidity can’t linger.
  • Repair or replace damaged or broken roofing materials as soon as possible. 
  • Evict squirrels, racoons, and other pests - besides leaving feces, they can damage your insulation and cause a lot of damage!

Work with MoldTech to Perfect Your Mold Prevention

There are many things you can do to prevent mold growth in your Toronto home. But, like us, homes are individuals - what may be a problem on one block may not affect another. A personalized, in-depth mold test or mold inspection can help determine what sort of unique issues may, or do, affect your home, and help you make an informed plan for prevention. MoldTech’s experience in the mold remediation field means that we have the expertise and tools that ensure results. For more information on mold testing Toronto and mold prevention, get in touch! We can be reached on the phone at 1-866-684-7684 or through our website.

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