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Top Reasons Homeowners Need Attic Mold Removal

Published on February 27, 2023

While the cause of many home repairs can be complicated, attic mold removal in Mississauga is usually triggered by a specific set of issues. After well over a decade of experience, the MoldTech team has experienced the same recurring problems in many different types of homes and properties. Mold removal in Mississauga is the only safe and effective way to eliminate mold growth from your home and eliminate your risk. Here are our team’s top 7 reasons to get attic mold removal. 

Mold’s Effect on Your Health.

The top reason to get professional mold removal is the nasty effects on your health.Itchy eyes, congestion, and headache are commonly reported and can seriously disrupt your routine by making daily life uncomfortable. More severe effects from mycotoxins and a high concentration of spores have landed people in the hospital — or worse. 

Structural Damage.

The second most important reason to have mold removal in Mississauga is to avoid the structural damage mold causes. Mold is a fungus; its job is to break down natural materials like wood as part of its lifecycle. Of course, this is fine in the backyard — in our homes, it’s not so great! Prompt mold removal can help you avoid thousands of dollars in structural repairs or replacements. 

Poor Indoor Air Quality.

Mold affects indoor air quality and may also be triggered by air quality problems. Determining which issue began first is part of any of MoldTech’s mold testing or inspection services. Removing mold can help freshen up your air quality and help you breathe easier. 

Unpleasant Odours.

Mold has a distinct musty odour that’s not hard to miss. Once you become aware of it, the smell is hard to forget and is a constant reminder that you’re breathing in spores — and that the infestation may be spreading.


Mold is one of the most common allergic reactions that people have. Beyond the effects we mentioned in our first point, mold can also cause skin inflammation and redness, affect the hair, and cause respiratory problems. 

Visible Growth.

When you see a mold infestation in your home, it’s not only unsightly but also a sign that there are some serious issues behind the scenes. While a visual mold inspection is something most homeowners can DIY, it doesn’t tell the whole story. Hidden mold growth is what causes the most damage. 

Reduced Property Value. 

If you’re looking to move this year, eliminating indoor mold or having your new home tested during a home inspection can help during the negotiation. After reading this article, you can see that mold isn’t just a blemish — it’s a severe problem that can negatively affect property values.

When you’re worried about mold growth or recurring health issues, having your home professionally tested with MoldTech can help identify any problem areas or hidden mold infestations. One of the most commonly affected spaces in the house is the attic, which is why attic mold removal in Mississauga is one of our most performed services. Let us help you live healthier, happier, and safer at home — call MoldTech to learn more today. 

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