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Tips for Protecting Your Family with Mold Inspections

Published on August 11, 2023

If there are ten homes on your street, and each has a mold inspection in Mississauga, how many would test positive? If you guessed ten, you’re not far off — most homes have some level of indoor mold growth. But how do you know what’s safe and what needs professional attention or attic mold removal? That’s where MoldTech can help! Our team of mold specialists can help you keep an eye on the level of mold spores present in your home and help alert you to spikes that may indicate an infestation or problem. 

Why Mold is a Threat

mold inspection MississaugaThe closest thing to a mold seed is the mold spore — these spores are one of the most dangerous aspects of indoor mold growth. Spores are lightweight and become airborne very easily, which means they can travel great distances in the air, on clothes, tools, or even pets, enabling mold colonies to spread quickly. 

Besides spores, the mold itself also poses a threat. In nature, mold helps organic materials decompose — that’s why last week’s forgotten sandwich has gone green or fuzzy in your kids’ schoolbag! But when this process happens to necessary elements of our home, like walls, floors, and attic joists, mold can completely destabilize our homes and weaken them structurally. 

Who Does Mold Hurt the Most

Everyone is susceptible to mold spores because they’re easy to breathe in and cause irritation and inflammation to the respiratory system. Spores can also affect the skin (there are suspected links between eczema and other chronic skin conditions), eyes, and hair. While mold allergies can affect anyone, those with respiratory conditions like asthma or COPD are disproportionately affected. 

How to Eliminate Mold

If you have mold in your home, please don’t DIY! Because it’s a living thing, mold requires careful professional remediation to ensure safety from start to finish. At MoldTech, we use several different methodologies to eliminate mold that range from an organic and non-toxic biocide to media blasting to dry ice. For each, we carefully follow the latest research in technique, safe application, clean up, and testing, ensuring safety throughout the process. 

What Are The Best Tips to Prevent Mold

If you want to avoid basement mold removal, attic mold removal or mold, period, here’s what we suggest you do:

  • Clean up water (spills, drips, floods) immediately. 
  • Balance your indoor humidity at 40-50%.
  • Install fans in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Regularly inspect for mold or moisture problems. 

The Benefits of Mold Inspections

Just like in human medicine, the best treatment is preventative, and one of the greatest tools a homeowner can deploy in the fight against indoor mold growth is mold inspection in Mississauga. One of MoldTech’s most popular services, mold inspection can help you identify problem areas, spot small infestations before they grow, and help locate hidden infestations that may be lurking behind walls. Avoid costly damage, health issues, and indoor discomfort by identifying a mold outbreak before it takes root — contact MoldTech to learn more about booking your mold inspection online or by phone. 

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