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The Dangers of DIY Mold Remediation

Published on January 23, 2023

For many homeowners (especially those who love do-it-yourself projects), finding mold around your home might leave you feeling like mold removal is an easy weekend task that you can take on independently. But before you get out the sponges and rubber gloves to start mold remediation, let the team here at MoldTech share some of the nitty gritty. Mold removal in Mississauga is a valuable professional service that helps prevent accidents, cross-contamination, and negative health outcomes that invariably come from DIY jobs. 

Here are three reasons why we always recommend professional mold remediation. 

Health Effects

Mold can have serious adverse health effects on even the most robust people. The tiny spores that mold uses to reproduce are quickly made airborne during mold removal. Without safety features like containment and air filtration, you can increase the magnitude of your mold problem in a few short minutes. Mold spores cause various harmful effects ranging from itchy eyes and sneezing to headaches, nausea, and respiratory distress. For more insight into effective mold remediation for your space, talk to the MoldTech directly.

Property Damage

One of the biggest problems with DIY mold removal is property damage. At MoldTech, we’ve learned how to safely and effectively remove mold without damaging your property through on-the-job and in-class training. Many over-the-counter mold removal products are ineffective and easily cause staining, bleaching, and damage — not to mention that many are toxic and can cause skin, eye, and respiratory irritation! Professional mold removal in Mississauga eliminates these risks to your home and your family.

Makes the Mold Worse

DIY mold removal almost always makes mold growth worse. How do we know? MoldTech has cleaned up after hundreds of homeowners who sincerely tried to do the right thing — but were outsmarted by mold’s tenacious will to survive. One of the most important things about our job is preventing cross-contamination and keeping things clean. This is extremely difficult, if not impossible, for the average (or even above-average) homeowner to do on their own. The best case scenario is that the mold returns — but the worst is that you accidentally double or spread the infestation to other rooms of your home.

The Best Mold Removal Method in Mississauga

If you spot mold growing in your home, the MoldTech team’s best advice is to have us visit for a mold inspection in Mississauga as soon as possible. We’ll be able to advise you on a few things: the extent of the infestation, what the potential cause is, and what sort of treatment plan is advisable. On the day of your mold remediation, we’ll arrive and section off the area of your home where there’s mold. This prevents cross-contamination and accidental spread — it also ensures that we can filter out every mold spore with HEPA filters and other air quality devices. 

Mold Remediation with MoldTech

At MoldTech, we use the latest research and best tools to help us perform thorough and effective remediation. Once we leave, you not only have a clean and mold-free house, but peace of mind too! To learn more about MoldTech or book mold removal in Mississauga, reach out to us directly.

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