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The Cost of Professional Mold Removal in Toronto

Published on September 23, 2021

It can be tempting to do a quick DIY clean-up if you find mold when renovating. But without professional mold removal in Toronto and the GTA, you’re setting your new renovation up for disaster. Mold testing in Toronto with MoldTech’s experienced team can help you stay ahead of the curve, identifying areas of concern and mold infestations that can compromise your new kitchen or bathroom. Please read our blog today to learn more about how much mold removal can cost.

The Cost of Mold Testing in Toronto

If you can already see mold growth, you may not need mold testing in Toronto. Visible mold growth needs removal as soon as possible — it’s a straightforward diagnosis with only one outcome. Mold testing is helpful in situations where you suspect mold but can’t see any, or after accidents like floods or storm damage. Testing can also help identify the scope of a mold  infestation and pinpoint rooms or areas where there are colonies. 

Testing for mold in Toronto can have varied costs that depend on the number of rooms needing testing and how many physical or air samples we take. 

Cost of Mold Removal in Toronto

Once you’ve positively identified mold growth, it is time for professional mold removal. Why professional? Mold is easy to spread and can have severe health effects without proper protocols, safety equipment, and procedures. The MoldTech team has worked in many homes where a well-meaning weekend warrior has tried to tackle an infestation themselves — and inadvertently made the problem much, much worse. 

The cost of mold removal in Toronto and the GTA, like testing, varies greatly. The average price per square foot can range between $28-$40 depending on the treatments you choose and the labour needed. The size of the space needing remediation also comes into play because small, new patches of mold growth are always easier to remove than larger, mature infestations. 

Another cost you’ll have to consider is fixing the problem that has caused the mold growth in the first place. If it’s a one-time flood or accident, there’s often not much you can do after the fact, other than learn what steps you can take to prevent mold after an accident. But leaky pipes, poor ventilation, and high indoor humidity are all everyday problems that can all be controlled through various measures. If you don’t fix those issues, you’re almost guaranteed to need another mold removal in a short period.

Work with MoldTech to Solve Your Mold Problems

If this seems overwhelming, let the MoldTech team make it easy for you by providing you with a free visual mold inspection in Toronto and the GTA. This inspection will allow us to accurately quote you for a safe and effective mold removal so that you can stay within your budget and make improvements that will stand the test of time. To ask us more about mold testing, mold removal, or our process, reach out to MoldTech’s technicians through our contact us page today

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