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Surviving Mold in Your Attic

Published on July 03, 2020

Do you have mold in your attic? Mold growth can be a scary problem to find - news articles about toxic black mold, horror stories about hard-to-kill infestations, and urban legends make many homeowners fearful. The good news is that professional attic mold removal with MoldTech makes the process of getting rid of attic mold easy and permanent. If you don’t know what to do about your attic mold or need mold remediation in Toronto, read on!

The Cause of Attic Mold

The first step to successful mold removal is to figure out why it began in the first place. Mold grows when a certain set of conditions are present: a stable temperature, moisture, and organic materials. Your attic can provide all of these in abundance, but moisture is the most important ingredient. Water can enter your attic from humidity, from a leak, or be caused by condensation. The ideal attic is dry, with little to no airflow that keeps humid air from settling or condensing in the room. Blocked soffit vents, overhanging trees, or old or damaged shingles can all cause moisture to build up in the attic, which can cause mold growth. 

Attic Mold Prevention

The best way to prevent you from needing attic mold removal is to prevent the mold. Luckily, this is pretty easy to do! A few of our favourites ways to prevent attic mold are:

  • Inspect your roof for leaks. Inside, this can look like discolouration, sagging insulation, or peeling paint in rooms below. Outside, a roof leak can result in a sloped or sagging area. 
  • Look for damaged or raised shingles: When they age, asphalt shingles can become brittle, dry, raised, or easily damaged by weather or the sun this lets in water (or critters) that can cause mold growth and damage. 
  • Ventilate: Clear blocked soffits and ensure that roof fans are in good working order to keep airflow in your attic. 
  • Trim trees and hedges: When plants grow onto or lean over roofs, they can cause damage or promote moisture build-up. 

Common Types of Attic Mold

There are hundreds of types of mold, but some of the most common attic molds include: 

  • Pink molds
  • White molds
  • Yellow molds
  • Blue-green molds
  • Black molds

Colour isn’t a reliable indicator or the toxicity or type of mold however - only a professional mold inspection can tell you that. 

How to Kill Attic Mold

The best way to permanently kill your attic mold is to have a professional attic mold removal with MoldTech. Not only will we help you identify the cause of your mold growth, but we’ll also safely and thoroughly remove it so that you and your family are protected from the harmful side effects of mold growth. There’s no need to fear attic mold growth - with over a decade of experience in mold remediation, we’re confident that we can help you. For a free estimate or more information about the warning signs of attic mold, get in touch with us at 1-866-684-7684 or visit us online at www.moldtech.ca

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