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Supporting Your Health with Mold Removal

Published on April 15, 2020

During this strange and unprecedented time, COVID-19 is causing many people in the GTA to reconsider their health and wellness, especially their indoor air quality and how it may be affected by mold growth. One of the risk factors for COVID-19 is a compromised immune system and respiratory symptoms - both of which can be weakened by sustained mold growth in your home. Attic mold removal in Toronto can help you get on track to being healthier at home. 

How Mold Compromises your Immune System

Mold comes in many shapes, colours, and forms, and while some are relatively benign, others can be extremely hazardous to your health. When you breathe in toxins created by mold growth, they add to the total amount of toxicity in your body, which is called Total Body Burden. Our bodies naturally flush toxins, but when you live in a mold infested home, it becomes too much for your body to eliminate all of the toxins efficiently, which is when symptoms appear. If your body is constantly fighting mold toxins, it becomes run down and is unable to efficiently fight off other viral infections, like COVID-19.

How Mold Compromises your Respiratory System

Mold most frequently affects elements of your respiratory system. Mold reproduces by sending out small spores, which float through the air and are easily breathed into the lungs or are caught in the nose or throat. These spores get stuck and cause irritation - sometimes it’s as simple as a runny nose or dry throat, but wheezing, coughing, and sneezing are also all common symptoms. We’ve all been disrupted by a cold that sticks around too long - sustained reactions to mold exposure are like this, but with serious consequences, like damage to your nasal passage or lungs. For people who smoke or have conditions like asthma, this added burden on the respiratory system can lead to pneumonia or an increased frequency of attacks. 

Signs of Mold Growth

Removing attic mold and household mold promptly is the best way to start feeling better. Beyond visible mold growth, there are a number of signs that you might need mold testing, which include: 

  • musty, damp smells
  • water damage
  • high humidity
  • leaks
  • discolouration

Mold Growth is Linked to Poor Health Outcomes

We’re learning more every year about how mold growth affects our health and wellness, but current research is clear - indoor mold growth negatively affects every part of our body, from our skin to our lungs to our immune system. Prompt professional remediation is a key part of keeping your home safe and your family protected from the health effects of mold growth. MoldTech has been committed to supporting your respiratory health for over a decade in Toronto and the GTA, and can help find, identify, and safely remove mold from your home. For more information on our services and how we can help you with your attic mold removal, get in touch by phone at 1-866-684-7684 or request a free estimate on our website. 

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