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Stop Suffering from Bathroom Black Mold

Published on March 08, 2023

During mold testing in Toronto, bathrooms often test positive for mold spores or have visible mold growth. While black mold removal can safely and effectively eradicate bathroom mold, the best strategy is prevention — and it’s easier than you think! After over a decade of experience with black mold remediation in Toronto and the GTA, the MoldTech team wants to share some of our top observations and tips for preventing mold in the bathroom. 

Why Does Mold Grow in the Bathroom?

First, let’s look at the reason why mold infestations frequently target bathrooms . Mould growth commonly affects bathrooms because they have one key ingredient in abundance — water. Moisture in any form is the catalyst for mold infestations in any room of your home, and the bathroom tends to have a lot of it. From multiple hot and cold pipes to steam from the shower to standing water in the bath, toilet, or sink, moisture can easily escape from safe areas in the bathroom. 

It’s also true that bathrooms tend to be small rooms that may be challenging to ventilate, preventing moisture evaporation and encouraging high humidity or condensation. 

The Risks of Black Mold

Mold grows in many colours, but black mould gets all the press. That’s because many species of black mold produce harmful mycotoxins that seriously affect human health. Typical allergic reactions caused by mold include congestion, headache, and sneezing, but mycotoxins can cause cognitive effects and severe respiratory symptoms and may cause serious long-term health issues. 

Why is Mold Growing in My Bathroom — Again

You're not alone if you’ve tried DIY bathroom mold removal only to have the problem crop up again. Persistent mold problems are a common reason homeowners contact the MoldTech team. As specialists, we have in-depth knowledge of mould growth where, why, and how — as well as the proper tools and solutions to eradicate it for good. 

DIY mold removal is never successful — over-the-counter mold removal sprays, foams, or chemicals are harmful to your health, may cause damage to your home, and don’t often work. Additionally, the risk of cross-contamination with DIY mold removal is high, and many people inadvertently spread infestations beyond the original site. If you need black mold removal, professional mould removal is the safest and most effective option. 

Is My Bathroom at Risk of Mold Growth?

If you’re worried about mold growth in your bathroom, we recommend that you monitor the following things:

  • Install inexpensive water sensors in hard-to-reach access points with pipes or water valves. 
  • Monitor humidity and aim to keep your bathroom at 50%. 
  • Clean regularly. 
  • Install an exhaust fan or crack the window when bathing to reduce humidity. 

Black Mold Testing & Removal with MoldTech

If you’re not sure whether your bathroom is at risk or if there is already mold growth, MoldTech can help you find out with mold testing in Toronto. This straightforward service will look at your bathroom, attic, basement, and other mold-prone areas to identify risks and help prevent mold infestations. To book your free consultation or learn more about mold testing or black mold removal, call or contact the MoldTech today!

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