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Steps to Take to Lessen the Chance of Mold Growth

Published on June 17, 2024

Preventing mold growth is critical in maintaining the health and safety of your home. In terms of home health, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure in many ways — not least in avoiding mold remediation in Mississauga. But sometimes, no matter what you do, mold still happens. At MoldTech, we offer detection services like mold inspection, removal and remediation services to help families struggling with new or persistent mold problems at home.

mold remediation in mississaugaMold Prevention Tips

Prevention is more straightforward than many people think — here are some of our team’s favourite steps to lessen your likelihood of mold growth.

1. Control Moisture Levels

If there’s one thing you should do above all the others to prevent mold growth, it’s to monitor and control moisture levels in your home. Moisture is unavoidable: bathing and cooking create steam, humidity rises with the temperature, and pipes and sinks carry water all around our home. Without moisture, mold cannot thrive — so by paying attention to moisture and reducing its effects, you can avoid the worst mold infestations.

2. Proper Ventilation

Moving air is also anathema to mold growth, and getting air flow can be as simple as opening a window. Of course, this won’t work all year round here in Ontario, but other methods, like exhaust or ceiling fans, can promote movement. During mold inspections, the MoldTech team pays special attention to areas where ventilation can be restricted or blocked, like basements and attics. You won’t be surprised to learn these are the two rooms most commonly affected by mold.

3. Fix Leaks and Water Intrusion

A leak can cause as much damage as a flood, so no matter what the cause, fixing water intrusions ASAP can greatly reduce your risk of mold. After storms or extreme weather, we recommend you do a visual external and internal check of your home, paying close attention to your roof, basement, windows, and doors. Regularly inspect plumbing fixtures, too—even a single persistent drop from a leaky pipe is enough to spark an infestation.

4. Use Mold Resistant Materials

Many modern materials are available these days that can help you prevent future mold growth, from paints to flooring to building materials. Choosing these materials when renovating or repairing your home can be beneficial in the long term.

5. Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

It may sound basic, but regular cleaning can help! Removing organic dust and debris helps reduce the materials mold feasts on, and it also helps you monitor for leaks, assess ventilation, and control moisture levels.

6. Keep Indoor Spaces Dry

Reducing the amount of excess moisture you bring in or create in your home is one of the easiest ways to prevent mold growth. Dry off wet boots, laundry, or sports equipment outdoors or in the garage. If you do need to bring things indoors, ensure you wipe up wet surfaces promptly or use a fan to move the air. Dehumidifiers are also great tools for rooms where humidity builds up—for example, we like to use one in our basement!

7. Monitor Indoor Humidity

Hardware stores now sell small stand-alone humidity and temperature monitors, which are one of MoldTech’s favourite ways for homeowners to assess and monitor indoor moisture instantly. Humidity should be balanced around 50% for optimal comfort and to keep mold growth at bay, and a monitor can help you address spikes in a timely manner.

8. Regular Inspections

When people have regular mold problems or wish to ensure their attic is functioning as it should, we suggest booking a mold inspection with our team. We’ll assess the above factors as well as your home’s location, condition, and exterior, identifying your home’s risks and recommending changes to reduce the likelihood of mold.  

Reducing Mold Growth in Mississauga

Even the cleanest, most knowledgeable homeowner who follows all these tips may still have a mold infestation in Mississauga. And that’s ok! Mold can be a tricky problem that hides behind walls or under insulation, making detection and eradication difficult. At MoldTech, we’ve been helping folks with mold remediation in Mississauga for over a decade, facilitating clean, safe, and effective treatment so you can get back to enjoying a safe and healthy home. To learn more about booking your mold remediation or inspection, contact MoldTech today to speak with a team member. 


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