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The Reason Mold Grows In Our Homes

Published on February 13, 2018

There are many reasons for mold growth in your home - and like anything, some are more easy to fix and repair than others. The most important part is being aware of problem areas or water events (such as a flood or outdoor factors like grading and downspouts) that may have an effect on mold growth in your home and repairing them sooner rather than later.

Some of the top reasons for mold growth in your home are:

Food - In nature, molds help decompose plant and animal matter, returning nutrients to the soil and playing a valuable part in the the ecosystem. In the modern home, however, there are plenty of organic materials that mold is happy to eat: drywall, studs, carpets, furniture, and paper are all common victims. Paying attention to the next two reasons for mold growth in your home (humidity and moisture) will help you keep things safe; with objects and furniture, keep them away from moisture by placing them up high or storing them somewhere other than the basement or attic. For other sources of food, pay attention to water leaks and keep things dry.

Humidity - Mold needs the right temperature to grow successfully, and it may surprise you to learn that mold can tolerate temperatures as low as 4° and as high as 40° celsius. Regardless of the temperature, the level of humidity in the air is the key factor here. Mold needs moisture to thrive (see the next point for more about water), and humidity can be increased throughout your home for many reasons. It may be the time of year (spring rain or summer heat), using the shower or having a bath in an under-ventilated space, or drying your laundry indoors can all create indoor humidity spikes.

Moisture and Water - Out of all the reasons for mold growth in your home, water and moisture are the single most important factors. Without water, you will have no mold growth indoors, so it’s important to ensure that any indoor water is cleaned up quickly and rooms and objects are thoroughly dried out. Water, of course, is everywhere in our homes, but as long as it remains contained in sinks, tubs, and other water-centric places, your risk remains low. It’s when a pipe leaks or a crack in your foundation allows outdoor moisture to seep in - this accumulated, dedicated source of water becomes an invitation for mold to grow. After a flood or even just a major spring storm, it’s important to check your home, paying close attention to the attic and basement, for signs of water leakage.

What areas in your home could be affected by mold?

Mold is commonly found in a number of areas of your home, and paying close attention to them can be a valuable in preventing mold from growing and removing it quickly if it begins to grow. At MoldTech, we often find mold in:

  • bathrooms
  • basements
  • attics
  • around windows and doors
  • near pipes

Prevention is always the key to ensuring a safe and healthy home. Running a humidifier in a damp basement can help reduce humidity; placing papers or family objects away from windows or damp spaces can prevent them from becoming dinner; sealing cracks and gaps that may be allowing moisture in your home, and sealing leaks promptly will have a big effect on the amount of moisture in your home. If any of the reasons for mold growth in your home are concerning you, get in touch with us at MoldTech - we’d be happy to offer you a free visual mold inspection and help you keep your home mold free. 

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