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Myths About Attic Mold in Toronto

Published on July 02, 2021

Attic mold is an increasingly prevalent problem in GTA homes, making attic mold removal in Toronto one of the most requested services at MoldTech. Attic mold is common because most of us don’t access our attics — they can be hard to reach and challenging to navigate. But if you’ve recently had a peek and found a nasty surprise, don’t panic! Please read our blog on attic mold removal to understand some of the myths and misunderstandings about attic mold, and then reach out to the MoldTech team to book your black mold removal in Toronto!

Myth 1: Attic Insulation Needs to be Replaced

The most common worry from homeowners suffering from mold growth is that your attic insulation will need to be entirely replaced — adding a lot of extra costs to attic mold removal. But this isn’t always true: most insulation has been treated to resist mold infestation or is an inorganic material — which mold can’t grow on.

Myth 2: Bleach Kills Mold

One of the most damaging urban legends about black mold removal in Toronto is that the bleaches you can find at the hardware store effectively kill mold. This simply isn’t true! Bleach will kill and lessen surface mold, dirt, and stains, but it doesn’t penetrate deep enough to kill the roots of the mold — causing it to regrow quickly after application. Bleach also damages surfaces, causing secondary damage to your home. MoldTech uses a biocide that directly targets the living fungus to kill and eliminate mold growth safely.

Myth 3: Painting is an Effective Mold Removal Method

False! Painting your attic is one of the worst ideas you can have and negatively affects your whole home.  Paint traps moisture between the wood and paint, allowing mold to keep growing and trapping moisture. This moisture eventually causes the paint to chip and flake, at which point the mold has grown beyond simple remediation. The MoldTech team has had to completely replace boards, sheathing, and even joists in painted attics — at the cost of tens of thousands of dollars. 

Myth 4: Attic Mold Only Grows If There’s a Leak in Your Roof

Here’s another attic mold removal myth that couldn’t be farther from the truth. While roof leaks are a common cause of excess attic moisture, they’re not the only source. Attic moisture can come from condensation caused by poor insulation, blocked soffits, or limited ventilation. It can also come from below, through poorly insulated light fixtures or exhaust fans that end in the attic. Keeping your attic dry is the best way to prevent attic mold. 

Have you heard an attic mold myth we haven’t covered here? Reach out to the MoldTech team for any questions you may have about attic mold removal in Toronto. Whether you’re looking for mold testing, attic mold removal, basement mold removal, or black mold removal in Toronto, we can help! Call or email us for safe, effective mold removal in Toronto

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