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MoldTech’s Guide to Attic Mold Remediation

Published on September 11, 2019

Mold growth in attics is one of the most common problems in Southern Ontario homes and having a swift and thorough attic mold remediation or removal is a key part of healthy home maintenance. Today we’re going to share some of the issues that we frequently encounter and outline some of our attic mold remediation or removal process to give you a better idea of what you can expect when mold is found in your home. Though finding mold can be scary, contemporary methods of mold remediation are science-based, quick, and effective, which means you can get back to enjoying your home safely, faster.

You’ve found mold growing in the attic - so what next? The following are some of our client’s  most frequently asked questions, as well as some information about what attic mold can do to you and your home, how much the process may cost, places mold likes to hide, and more.

Is mold in the attic common?

Yes! Mold growth in attics is a very common problem in Southern Ontario. This is for many reasons, including building practices, the common age of homes, as well as other factors like our humid summers and freezing winters.


Is attic mold dangerous?

All kinds of indoor mold growth are potentially dangerous to your health and wellness. Mold can cause upper respiratory discomfort, can worsen chronic illnesses like asthma, can cause nausea, drowsiness and anxiety, and in severe cases, has been known to cause life-threatening health problems. The most common symptoms of exposure include sneezing, itchy eyes, and headache, which make mold difficult to diagnose as the culprit - many of those symptoms are shared by the common cold or flu. The most obvious clue that mold is affecting your health is a persistent set of symptoms that disappear when you leave and reappear when you get back home. Attic mold is especially dangerous because attics aren’t high-traffic areas and the problem can worsen for months before it’s spotted.


What should I do if I find mold in the attic?

There are a number of things you can do when you find mold growing in your home. If you can, try to visually identify why and where the problem has started - attic mold needs specific conditions to grow and if you can easily identify one (for example: a roof leak), you may be able to quickly put into effect changes that can half the problem. But it’s often not that easy, which is where MoldTech comes in. A thorough professional inspection will help to identify the cause of mold growth as well as strategies for remediation or removal. Attic mold remediation or removal is our most requested service, and it’s one that we excel at. For more information on why mold grows in the attic, read our blog entry here


How much does it cost to remove mold from an attic?

How much mold remediation costs is based on a number of different factors that are unique to your home and geographic location. Things like wind or sun exposure, weather, and elevation are all environmental factors that affect mold growth throughout the home, and size, materials, ventilation, and other architectural details will also affect the cost of remediation. At MoldTech, we offer free assessments to help give you a thorough idea of the extent of the mold infiltration in your attic, as well as the length of time we expect remediation to take. These complex factors  means that two similar homes on the same block may have wildly different remediation needs - with MoldTech, you can count on a fair and honest quote with no hidden costs or fees.


Can you find the cause of attic mold?

Part of any good attic mold remediation or removal is a discussion on the factors that have caused the mold growth in the first place. Like our own health, prevention is nine tenths of the cure when it comes to mold growth, and MoldTech’s comprehensive range of equipment and many years of experience means that we’re very good to knowing where the problem lies. Once we know why the mold is growing, we can take the necessary steps to solve it before or during remediation.


How do you know if there’s mold in your attic?

Most attics in the GTA are spaces that we visit infrequently, which makes it hard to know whether or not there’s mold growth - let alone the lack of lights, cramped entrances, and obscuring insulation that’s also present. Mold can be a tricky household problem because it likes to grow out of sight in dark corners or underneath wood, flooring, or other materials. While a visual inspection is a great place to start, a professional mold inspector will take air samples and use tools like infrared cameras to detect any problems invisible to the naked eye. But the most common symptom of mold growth is, by far, its tell-tale scent: mold has a musty odor that is difficult to forget.


Do home inspectors check for mold?

When purchasing a new home, many folks assume their home inspector will look for and note mold growth during their inspection - but this isn’t always the case. Knowing whether or not mold is present in a new home should be a huge part of your decision making process but it’s not commonly part of a standard home inspection.

Most home inspectors will note mold when they see it - but that’s only if the mold growth is very obvious, visible, and the inspector knows what they’re looking for. Many home inspectors aren’t familiar with the many difference types, places, and kinds of mold that can grow indoors and aren’t trained on what to look for. One way to ensure that any mold growth is found before you sign on the dotted line is bring in a professional mold inspector during your pre-purchase home inspection in addition to your home inspector. This enables us to do a thorough visual inspection, scope out any problem areas or concerns that we may notice, or even do a few samples. Our opinion has helped dozens of clients negotiate a new purchase price or walk away from a home that needed extensive attic mold remediation or removal. While buying a home can be anxiety ridden and stressful, taking a few moments to call us and arrange a mold inspection can ensure that your dream home is not only worth your investment, but a happy and healthy place for you to live.


Mold from attic condensation

When mold is found in attics, it’s often caused by a buildup of moisture, which may cause condensation to form. Condensation happens most frequently in the winter months when warm moisture-laden air (humidity) meets a cold surface, such as your roof sheathing. This temperature difference causes small water droplets to form, and when this happens over and over again, this excess moisture can lead to mold growth and damage to your sheathing, joists, and insulation. One common reason attics have excess moisture is from improperly vented bathroom and kitchen fans  - instead of directing that moisture out of your home, many fans empty into the attic, which can cause big problems. Installing remote moisture sensors can give you a head start when it comes to attic condensation, but nothing beats a professional mold inspection - we can make useful suggestions for improvement to your venting, ventilation and more that can help keep your attic condensation free.


How does mold removal and remediation work?

At MoldTech, we pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship which is based on over a decade of service in the GTA. During a typical attic mold remediation or removal we arrive early to begin containing the space - this step ensures that no toxic materials or spores are dragged through your home and that any occupants (with two or four legs) are safe during the remediation. When remediation begins, it’s a methodical, science-based approach we’ve learned both on the job and in the classroom. MoldTech is a proud and dedicated member of a number of professional remediation and air quality organizations that give us access to the best and most modern mold science and remediation techniques, resulting in the highest degree of safety, efficiency, and success.

When remediation is complete, we clean - and there’s nothing quite like a MoldTech clean. We continue to clean long after most companies would call it a day, ensuring that air tests come back negative for all mold spores and your home is cleaner than we found it. Any contaminated materials is safely removed and disposed of.


Have your Attic Mold Removed with MoldTech

If you have attic mold and are looking for someone to remediate your attic, look no further than MoldTech. As one of the leading remediation specialists in the the GTA, we take a great deal of pride in providing knowledgeable, safe, thorough mold removal, and work with our clients until they’re satisfied.

For more information on our attic mold remediation or removal services, as well as more on our professional mold testing, contents remediation, or work on commercial properties, call us today at 1-866-684-7684 or visit our website at www.moldtech.ca


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