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Mold Prevention Tips for Mississauga Residents in 2024

Published on May 31, 2024

Mold Prevention Tips for Mississauga Residents in 2024What you do after mold remediation in Mississauga dramatically effects on whether or not you need another — and in turn, mold prevention starts with thorough mold removal. At MoldTech, we offer several services that can help you prevent the damage, health effects, and discomfort of living with mold. Mold inspection can help you determine whether there’s a current problem or a risk of mold developing. Unfortunately, mold is common across Mississauga in homes and condos, but here are some easy tips to prevent it from happening to you. 

Identify Mold Prone Areas in Your Home

The first step in mold prevention is to monitor areas in your home prone to mold growth. In our experience, that is: 

  • The attic.
  • Bathrooms. 
  • The basement or crawlspace.  
  • The kitchen. 
  • The laundry room. 

Keep Your Home Dry

Our next tip is to keep your home as dry as possible. Moisture is essential for mold growth, so preventing moisture eliminates the trigger. Moisture enters homes in many ways. Bathing and cooking release lots of steam into the atmosphere, which can get trapped indoors or condense on surfaces. Water can enter basements from floods or spark infestations inside walls when pipes leak or sweat. 

High humidity is so frequently diagnosed alongside mold infestations that it’s one of the things we look for during mold inspections. Moldtech recommends keeping your home around 50% humidity — inexpensive monitors from the hardware store can help you assess seasonal fluctuations. 

Proper Ventilation

The best way to deal with humidity is to have good airflow and ventilation at home. Moving air helps dry up moisture, whisk away allergens and pollutants, and creates an environment inhospitable to mold growth. Ventilating better is as easy as opening a window, but some rooms, like the bathroom, may need a fan or vent to support. 

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

It may seem obvious, but regular cleaning can help prevent mold spores from taking root. Mold hates to be disturbed, so regular inspections, maintenance, and cleaning can help break the cycle and remove spores before they take hold. 

Professional Mold Inspection with MoldTech

When diagnosing a medical issue, going to a specialist is critical for getting the right kind of care — and it’s the same with mold growth. At MoldTech, we have over a decade of experience helping families with mold removal and remediation in Mississauga and the GTA, resulting in thousands of hours of experience in homes, condos, and commercial properties. 

This depth and breadth of experience have shown us how tricky mould can be and how small changes to your routine or home can go a long way in preventing the worst kinds of infestations. Working with a professional mold remediation team like us ensures that you benefit from our expertise and ensures an effective removal. At MoldTech, we also make sure to discover the root cause or elements behind your infestation — it means we don’t have a lot of repeat customers, but in our business, that’s a good thing! 

If you need mold remediation in Mississauga, trust the MoldTech team to remediate your home safely — call us to book your free visual mold inspection today. 

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