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How to Remove Mold From Your Walls

Published on June 17, 2021

Many annual or seasonal home maintenance tasks prevent or prohibit more significant problems down the road, but there’s a simple task that many of us skip: mold testing. Mold remediation in Toronto can be a costly and stressful problem that’s easy to avoid by adding regular mold testing to your home maintenance schedule. At MoldTech, mold growing on walls is one of the familiar places that mold removal in Toronto is needed. 

Signs of Mold in Your Walls

There are many different signs that there is mold growing in or on your walls. Physical symptoms include:

  • dampness or condensation
  • peeling paint or wallpaper
  • recent flood or leak
  • soft, spongy drywall
  • visible growth

But sometimes there aren’t any visible signs, and it’s only the health effects that are noticeable, such as: 

  • itchy, watery eyes
  • respiratory congestion
  • headache
  • running nose

How to Remove Mold From Your Walls

If you discover mold growth, it might be tempting to skip the mold removal in Toronto and go for a DIY fix — which we strongly discourage! It’s not just that professional mold remediation is our job. It’s that mold remediation is dangerous and can compromise the safety of your home. 

Mold spores are easy to disturb and can spread throughout the home where they’ll cause new infestations and double, or even quadruple, the size of your infestation. Household cleaners like bleach are more dangerous to you and your family than they are to mold growth, and most infestations need professional-grade tools and biocides to eradicate them permanently.

Minimize the Chances of Mold Growth

Preventing mold is the best way to eliminate the need for mold remediation in Toronto — and it’s not hard to do! Here are some of MoldTech’s best tips for minimizing the chance of mold growth:

Dry out wet areas

If you’ve left a window open after a storm or had a leak or flood, get fans circulating the air as soon as possible. This will dry out any moisture before it can activate a mold infestation.

Fix leaks

A dripping tap wastes water (and can drive up your water bill), but even the smallest drip is all mold needs to grow. 

Dry clothes outdoors

Wet clothes left on the floor or drying in the basement can introduce a lot of moisture. Dry them outdoors or in a dryer to prevent this problem. 


Air movement is one of the easiest ways to prevent mold growth. Mold likes to grow in stagnant conditions where humidity and moisture linger. 

Reduce humidity

In our experience, homes with high humidity almost always have mold problems. Keep your indoor humidity balanced at 50%. 

Even if you follow all of these recommendations and more, you still may need mold remediation in Toronto — mold is a complex issue that many different factors can cause. MoldTech is happy to answer your questions about mold growth in the walls, attic, basement, or any room of your home — use our contact page to get in touch!


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