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How to Prevent Mold in Attics?

Published on November 25, 2022

If you have an attic in your home, there’s a good chance you’ll need attic mold removal one day. Attics are one of the most common spaces requiring mold removal in Toronto, due to a combination of location, use (or, more appropriately, lack of use), and other factors. At MoldTech, our attic mold inspection and testing services have helped thousands of homeowners discover untreated mold growth and eliminate it — for good. Here’s why attic mold prevention is essential and how a few easy changes can help you avoid attic mold. 

Why Keep Your Attic Mold Free?

attic mold removal TorontoMost of us don’t use our attic — or even think of it regularly. So why bother preventing attic mold? Even though it’s not an everyday space like the kitchen or bathroom, the attic affects every room of your home. 

The attic acts like a hat for your home — it helps keep the weather off and keeps heat (or cooling) indoors. When problems like mold growth throw off the attic environment, many different functions, from heat and humidity to your furnace or air conditioner, can be thrown off, resulting in an uncomfortable home and physical damage. The best attic mold removal in Toronto will reduce the opportunity for repeat infestations in the future.

Roof Leak Prevention

Mold growth begins with excess moisture, so preventing roof leaks and water in the attic is key to avoiding mold growth. Annual roof inspection and maintenance is an excellent place to start, but there are other things you can do, such as keeping trees and bushes well-pruned — overhanging branches can trap moisture. 

Signs of Attic Mold

What warning signs should you look out for? Attic mold growth can be hard to see in dim light or when it’s hidden under insulation. Even still, many people notice signs of attic mold in the rooms below. Some of the most common include:

  • Temperature fluctuations.
  • Mold on the ceiling.
  • Frost or ice build-up on the roof.
  • Compacted insulation. 
  • Musty odours. 

The Role of Attic Insulation

Attic insulation plays a huge role in the formation of mold growth. Sometimes it’s the substance that mold grows on, while at other times, it helps create the warm and humid conditions on which mould grows. As attic insulation ages or when it gets wet, it can compress and become less effective. This can increase attic temperature or moisture, which can further degrade or compress insulation. If your attic insulation is old, it’s time to assess it — a complete insulation overhaul can help keep your home mold-free. 

Ventilation is Key

Your attic shouldn’t be airtight. It needs good airflow and ventilation to whisk away moisture and prevent attic mold growth. Ventilation can be increased by installing roof vents, clearing soffit vents, and improving insulation.

What to Do If You Find Attic Mold?

When mold strikes, the most important thing you can do is have a professional attic mold removal. Because mold is easily spread and can quickly affect your health and indoor safety, professional remediation ensures you and your family remain safe through PPE, containment, air filtration, and many hours of experience and training. Contact us today to learn more about mold removal in Toronto or how MoldTech can help.  

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