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How to Prevent Attic Mold From Returning

Published on June 04, 2021

Attic mold can be a persistent issue in some homes and is impossible to permanently eradicate without a professional attic mold removal in Toronto. One of the benefits of working with MoldTech for your black mold removal in Toronto is that we’ll help you solve the cause of the mold infestation, preventing it from returning in the future.

Where Attic Mold is Most Often Found

The attic can host over a dozen different types of mold growth, which can grow in all sorts of different areas. Some common places that we find mold growing in the attic are:

  • Insulation: Under, around, or sometimes even inside, mold can affect all different types of insulation and the products that support it. 
  • Sheathing:  Mold growing on roof sheathing is incredibly common because it’s often where warm air meets cool and condensation forms. 
  • Around outlets and piping: Places where water or moisture enter are often the first to be affected. 
  • Exhaust fans: Improperly routed fans bring moist air into the attic, causing mold growth at their exit. 

Top Causes of Attic Mold

You might already have a good guess as to what common causes for black mold removal in Toronto are, but there is one primary culprit in every case: moisture. Water in all its forms (humidity, liquid, or ice) is the number one cause of mold growth in the GTA. 

When it comes to the attic, moisture can enter in several different ways:

  • from heated outdoor air (think July!)
  • from heated indoor air (when the furnace is on)
  • from drips or leaks
  • from roof damage
  • from pests

How to Prevent the Return of Attic Mold

If you’ve got mold in your Toronto attic, the best thing to do is book a professional mold removal with a company like us! At MoldTech, we have well over a decade of experience safely and thoroughly removing mold growth from homes, businesses, cottages, and more. The most important part of mold removal isn’t removing the mold itself, it’s discovering and solving the problems behind the mold growth in the first place. 

A client whose home has very high humidity will often have mold issues in areas of stagnant airflow, like the attic or basement. Mold grows because the moisture-heavy air isn’t dried out or moved along and instead lingers and activates mold spores. When we see this in a home, we make a series of recommendations to help you lower your indoor humidity and increase airflow. It means we don’t often have repeat customers — which in this business is a compliment! 

We’re passionate about removing harmful mold growth and helping families make their homes a healthier and safer place to be. If you have questions about attic mold removal in Toronto, the MoldTech team is happy to answer your questions and provide free visual mold inspections in Toronto and the GTA. Get in touch with our expert mold removal staff today!

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