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How to Choose the Right Professional for Black Mold Removal

Published on May 22, 2024

When you need mold remediation in Vaughan, you don’t want to take chances on your family’s health and safety by hiring the wrong contractor. In this article, the MoldTech team will share tips from our decade-plus of professional experience with black mold removal. While plenty of general contractors out there do mold remediation, our team thinks working with a professional is essential — here is what you should do before you book. 

Research Professional Companies

How to Choose the Right Professional for Black Mold RemovalWhen mold strikes, many people hit Google and choose the first mold removal service they find. While this is an okay strategy, it pays to do a little more research — you want to hire the team with the best knowledge, experience and tools that you can find. 

One of the first things MoldTech suggests is looking at a potential company’s certifications and licenses. This type of documentation shows a commitment to education, professional practice and standards, and a connection to contemporary mold removal and remediation methodologies. 

We also suggest you read reviews and solicit recommendations from friends and family. Mold is a common problem in Vaughan and the GTA — much of our business at MoldTech comes from happy clients who recommend us to neighbours. Check out our HomeStars recommendations to read trusted testimonials. 

Lastly, ask us about our experience and expertise! We love to tell you about our methods, why they’re safe, and how they work. If a potential contractor isn’t forthcoming about their experience, we suggest you walk away. 

Ask for a Consultation

At MoldTech, we know that finding mold growth at home can be scary and overwhelming. We suggest you book a consultation about any potential mold growth problems so that you can ask questions and have our professional opinion on the breadth, depth, and cause of any mold growth. We’ll provide a free quote based on our expert assessment, and you’ll have a chance to ask questions about the products we use, our safety, and what you can do to prevent further outbreaks. 

Evaluate the Company’s Plan of Action

Every black mold removal has the same essential elements, which we call a plan of action. When choosing a mold removal professional, we suggest asking them what their standard plan is and how they order or structure it. 

For example, at MoldTech, our plan of action is guided by industry standards and guidelines that prioritize the safety and efficacy of our treatment. We first identify all areas affected by mold growth, ensuring nothing is missed through physical and air samples. Next, we’ll move on to the removal process, then clean up—the most important stage of mould removal. Finally, we leave you with a prevention strategy so that mold doesn’t return. 

Companies without action plans or who simplify this process and add in or delete steps don’t know what they are doing — and we recommend that you keep looking. 

Consider the Cost

Every mold remediation has a different cost attached to it — the depth and breadth of the problem mean that we need to take different factors into consideration when quoting clients. A professional mold remediator will be happy to give you a detailed breakdown of the costs of their service. Some factors that affect it may include:

  • Square footage.
  • Type of mold. 
  • Infiltration of mold. 
  • Amount of debris needing removal. 
  • Remediation method. 

How MoldTech Can Help

Choosing a mold professional is starting to sound like a lot of work! But it doesn’t have to be — a true professional will make your choice easy by providing this information upfront so you don’t have to dig or ask for it. At MoldTech, we prioritize customer service, welcoming questions and communication from our clients throughout the remediation process. 

When Moldtech began, there wasn’t a single competitor in the Yellow Pages or online — we practically invented the field as it's known in Ontario. We were the first company to use an organic and non-toxic biocide to treat mold growth, and we’ve been honing our skills ever since, with over a decade of experience working with a wide range of clients. Our level of expertise and skill has resulted in hundreds of happy client testimonials and excellent professional relationships with organizations like the NAMP and IAQA. 

If you find mold at home — stop, don’t panic, and call MoldTech for a free consultation today. Don’t risk your health with DIY mold remediation in Vaughan; trust the experts at MoldTech and have it done right!

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