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How the Pro’s Safely Remove Attic Mold in Mississauga

Published on March 11, 2024

The essential element of any attic mold removal in Mississauga is safety — if anyone tells you otherwise, we don’t recommend working with them! At MoldTech, we’ve been helping families with household mold removal and mold testing in Mississauga for over a decade, and our approach has never changed: putting safety first results in better remediation outcomes, a healthier environment, and happier clients.  Here is how and why professional mold remediation focuses on safety — and what to ask potential contractors. 

Don’t DIY

How the Pro’s Safely Remove Attic Mold in MississaugaThe first thing we recommend is that homeowners never do DIY mould removal. Why? At MoldTech, we’re accustomed to seeing the results of DIY mold removal: more extensive, nastier infestations that take longer to clean up and have greater reach throughout the home. 

This result happens because it’s very easy to accidentally spread mold, no matter how safe or experienced you are as a handyperson. Mold spores are easily disturbed and will cling to hair and clothes. Sponges and buckets may hold on to spores too, and hardware store cleaners often don’t penetrate deep enough to rid you of more than the surface layer of mold. As professionals, the MoldTech team can counter these common issues with safety protocols, tools, and devices, eliminating further spread. 

The MoldTech Way in Three Steps

When we approach mold removal, we draw on many years of experience and training with professional organizations. We follow industry-standard guidelines, which are guided by science and research into mold habits, growth patterns, and reduction methods. This makes our remediations more successful, less invasive, and with a higher success rate.

When we come to your home for mold removal, we divide our work into three steps:

  1. We contain the work area with physical and air barrier methods so that mold spores are captured and filtered. 
  2. Remediation and cleaning that removes the mold colony and ensures nothing is left behind.
  3. Cleaning and mold testing. Yes! We clean twice (and sometimes three times), testing in between to ensure we’ve got every last mote of mold. 

What to Look for in a Mold Professional

If you suspect mold growth at home, you’ll want to book mold testing in Mississauga to confirm. Many general contractors will also do some mold work as part of their services, but we recommend working with a specialist team like ours for several reasons (including the ones we’ve already shared). 

When choosing a mold professional, there are a few things we value at MoldTech, such as: 

  • Professional certifications and memberships in organizations like NAMP or OAHI — this insures your remediation is based in science, not good intentions. 
  • Insurance, which protects you and our team. 
  • A willingness to explain the methodology; what’s going to happen and why, so you can make an informed decision about what happens in your home.
  • Friendliness and professional courtesy. 
  • Honesty and flexibility. 
  • Punctuality. 

Book an Attic Mold Removal Today

Mold can be an extremely stressful issue to discover in your home, in part because the cause can be mysterious, the extent of the damage unknown, and the health effects scary and uncomfortable. Dealing with attic mold removal in Mississauga promptly and with professional care and attention is our priority at MoldTech — call or email us to book a mold inspection or learn more about our working method. 

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