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How To Remove Mold From Wood?

Published on May 15, 2018

Often it’s not until we’re moving furniture around or cleaning out the basement that we spot it - mold growing on the coffee table, a newly exposed baseboard, or on the studs in our walls. It’s important to remove mold from wood as soon as you spot it, but how is it done? Is it safe for you or your family? What products remove mold from wood?

A quick Google search will give you a number of ideas and options when it comes to removing mold from wood, but it can be contradictory and confusing. So what’s the best way to remove mold from wood? Read on for tips and tricks from the professionals at MoldTech.

The First Step - Why Does Wood Get Moldy?

Knowing your enemy is the first step in vanquishing it as well as preventing mold from happening again. When it’s still alive as a tree, wood requires lots of moisture to grow, and its love of water continues even after it’s cut down and shaped into furniture, studs, building materials and even paper.

Mold needs three important things to grow: temperature, moisture, and an organic material, and the last two are both supplied by wood. When there’s been a leak or water event in your house, it’s important to immediately begin drying out or removing affected wood before it becomes saturated and turns into a breeding ground for spores. It’s easier to prevent it than to have to remove mold from wood so quickly cleaning up is key. That being said, mold can be a sneaky problem and can evade even the most watchful homeowner. So what can you do to remove mold from wood when you spot it?

The DIY Approach For Mold Removal

The vast array of DIY suggestions for mold removal range from the usual chemical substances  like bleach, rubbing alcohol, or detergents, to natural solutions like vinegar or essential oils. If you decide to remove mold from wood on your own, there are a few thing you’re going to need:

  • Air mask
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Detergent or chemical agent to kill the mold spores
  • Sponges or brushes
  • HEPA filtered vacuum or other high powered air filtration
  • Garbage bags to remove contaminated materials

These suggestions are to first and foremost protect your health - mold spores are easily disturbed and can be inadvertently spread throughout your home. Make sure you clean the room before and after and safely dispose of any sponges or brushes after you use them. The DIY approach to remove mold from wood can do a decent job of cleaning off surface mold and stopping a mold infestation for a while, but it’s unfortunately not a permanent solution and can’t replace having a professional mold removal.

The Professional Approach For Removing Mold 

When you remove mold from wood, it’s not just about what’s visible to the eye, but what’s growing inside the wood too - as an organic material, there’s room for mold to sink in deep roots, and those roots can later spring up again and form new colonies. What are the benefits of having a professional mold removal?

Containment and safety: This is the most important part of any MoldTech remediation. Our technicians receive industry-standardized training and education to ensure that your indoor air quality is cleaned and protected during and after treatment. The professional approach to mold removal means we have access to professional grade air filtration, HEPA systems, and other tools that ensure no mold escapes our notice.

Chemicals and tools: At MoldTech, we were one of the first Canadian companies to promote and use a non-toxic, plant based chemical wash system for mold removal and remediation. This product is much stronger than those available at the hardware store, and ensures that the mold, roots and all, is thoroughly removed.

Efficiency and peace of mind: A professional approach also means you can be assured that not only is the mold entirely removed, but that it’s done methodically and that nothing has been missed.

Knowledge and Experience: Most of all, having a professional mold removal brings with it a great deal of knowledge about mold and how, where, and why it’s growing in your home. The key to preventing mold growth is understanding why it’s happening, and a professional team can help you get to the root of the problem.

Removing Mold From Wood in Your Home

Removing mold from wood can be a difficult and costly problem to solve, but done right, it can be eradicated safely and thoroughly. The best thing to do is to remove it as soon as you find it, and monitor damp areas during the wet season. For the best results when removing mold from wood, choose a professional - get in touch with us at MoldTech for more information about how we can help you with mold in your home.

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