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How Black Mold in Your Property Can Negatively Affect Your Attic

Published on June 10, 2024

One of the most common services the MoldTech team offers is attic mold removal in Vaughan. Many of your neighbours, friends, and family will be affected by this common household pest — and many won’t even know there’s a problem until symptoms are advanced. Black mold removal is a safe and effective service that can help clean up your attic for a fresh start. When mold grows in the attic, the effects can trickle down to every room in your home. Mold can be difficult to diagnose, too, with many common symptoms mimicking other issues like the common cold or allergies. 

Black Mold Removal AtticMold Growth in Attics

There are many reasons why mold grows in the attic. Part of the reason is that in Vaughan, we generally don’t use them — they’re hard to access, lightless, and full of obscuring insulation. Therefore, most homeowners don’t spot mold problems when they start, but when they’re already well established and starting to create negative effects below. 

Moisture is always present when mold growth is. Water is essential in successful mold growth, and it’s alarmingly common throughout our homes. Excess moisture in the attic can come from roof damage, burst pipes, pests like racoons or squirrels, and issues with ventilation. Therefore, reducing moisture and monitoring factors like humidity are critical to keeping a dry and mold-free attic. 

Many different types of mold grow in the attic. Some, like Cladosporium, are resistant to cooler temperatures, so they survive the winter months; others, like Serpula, grow on wood and can thrive on exposed beams and cladding. 

Why Attic Mold Removal is Crucial

Regardless of the type of mold in your attic, it should be served an eviction notice ASAP. Here are MoldTech’s top six reasons for attic mold removal: 

1. Structural Damage

Mold breaks down organic matter. In nature, this is a critical element of the life cycle, but in your home, it can translate into serious structural damage. In the attic, mold growth can weaken support beams, sheathing, or roof decking, resulting in costly repairs or replacement. Once mold becomes entrenched in some materials, it can be very difficult to treat, requiring total replacement. 

2. Health Risks

For the MoldTech team, the number one reason to get black mold removal is to eliminate the health risks it poses to you and your family. Exposure to black mold can cause insidious, hard-to-place effects, like fatigue and headaches while wreaking havoc on your respiratory system. One of the trickiest elements of mold exposure is that symptoms are identical to allergies, which can delay diagnosis and the remediation that can effect relief. 

3. Reduced Indoor Air Quality

Mold reproduces by creating spores, small particles that are released by the home colony. Once in your home’s air environment, spores can be breathed in (causing those health effects we discussed above) or travel to other spaces, sparking new infestations. When you have air quality problems like poor ventilation, concentrations of spores can quickly build up, and the effect can be magnified. 

4. Increased Energy Costs. 

Few homeowners realize how attic health affects the whole home, down to heating and cooling costs. To function as our home’s protector (keeping hot air in or out, depending on the season), the attic needs insulation in good repair. Mold can damage insulation or decrease efficacy, making your HVAC work harder to balance your temperature. The more damage to insulation, the less comfort you’ll have indoors and the greater the likelihood of hot or cool spots, humidity problems, and more. 

5. Property Value Decrease

No new prospective homeowner wants to discover mold during their pre-purchase inspection or while at a viewing. Mold growth lowers your property’s value by signifying to prospective buyers that there are multiple environmental problems with moisture and ventilation.

6. Insurance Coverage Challenges

Mold can be tricky to solve with your insurance provider. Plans may have limitations on coverage or restrictions regarding mold damage and remediation, especially if the problem has been present for some time. Carefully read your policy and act quickly if you discover mold growth — a smaller infestation is always easier to remove than a larger one.

Mold Removal in Vaughan for Healthier Homes

As you can see, there are multiple pathways through which mold can negatively affect your home. Whether it’s causing you and your family discomfort, damaging the structure or insulation, or causing secondary headaches when trying to sell or renew your insurance, mold can be a severe and costly problem. 
If you need attic mold removal in Vaughan, trust the experts at MoldTech! We’ve been helping families across the GTHA with black mold removal in attics, basements, bathrooms, and more for over a decade. Our experience and specialty training are assets for diagnosing the cause of your mold infestation and deciding the best way to eliminate it. To book your appointment or ask questions of our team, call or email MoldTech today!


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