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Factors That Contribute to Mold Growth

Published on June 22, 2023

Mold can be safely and permanently eradicated with mold removal in Vaughan, but it’s MoldTech’s opinion that prevention is a better strategy! The best way to prevent mold growth at home is to understand the risk factors contributing to it and minimize or remove them entirely. One foolproof way to do so is to have mold testing in Vaughan. This simple and non-invasive test can help locate hidden mold infestations and areas at risk from common triggers like high humidity. Contact MoldTech today.

4 Factors that Cause Mold Growth

mold removal VaughanMoisture: Water is the most crucial factor in a mold infestation. Because moisture in forms like drips, floods, or condensation can trigger mold growth in as little as 48 hours, moisture prevention is one of the most important things you can do for your home. At MoldTech, we recommend drying up spills as soon as possible, monitoring your indoor humidity, and fixing dripping taps or pipes as soon as possible. 

Ventilation: Problems with airflow go hand in hand with mold growth problems in homes. Fresh, moving air helps to dry up moisture and distribute humidity evenly. Unsurprisingly, we discover mold in the same few rooms — like the attic, basement and bathroom — as these spaces generally have minimal airflow. Add ventilation by installing fans, opening windows, or implementing habit shifts to prevent mold growth. 

Organic Food: Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a buffet? While it may not be practical for humans, our homes are full of surfaces like wood, textiles, paper, and other organic matter for mold spores to feast on. Preventing mold from accessing food sources in our house is impossible, but keeping that food as dry and uninviting as possible goes a long way in preventing mold.

Heat and Dark Spaces: Another critical factor for healthy mold colonies is a place to grow that’s warm and out of the way— preferably dark too! Mold doesn’t want to be disturbed as it creates roots and settles in. Like all fungi, it enjoys a comfortable temperature too. That’s why attic mold in Vaughan is so common — our attics often have moisture, organic materials, poor airflow and a dark and cozy environment. You will likely avoid household mold growth by addressing airflow to keep spaces cool and moisture free. 

How MoldTech Can Help Eliminate These Factors

The first step to avoiding mold growth is to recognize if your home is at risk from one or more factors. To start that process, MoldTech helps people assess their homes through mold testing in Vaughan. By doing so, we look at your whole home, inside and out, to locate problem areas or emergent or established mold colonies.

When you discover a mold issue, or if we discover any during testing, the next step is to safely remediate the area with mold removal in Vaughan. Mold shouldn’t be left to a handyperson or a weekend warrior — it can quickly spread through minor actions. Without proper safety and containment strategies, your small problem can quickly grow. Are you ready to know what’s happening in your home? Contact the MoldTech team for your free visual mold inspection today. 

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