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Factors that Affect Costs of Mold Removal in Vaughan

Published on December 29, 2022

For most homeowners, discovering mold at home leads to one big question: how much is mold removal in Vaughan going to cost? Unfortunately, when it comes to attic mold removal, there are few quick and easy answers — but neither would we want to give any! At MoldTech, our approach to mold testing and removal is as individual as you are — there are no one-size-fits-all quotes. All of our mold removal projects benefit from careful inspection and individualized remediation plans — read on to learn more about what we consider when building a quote. 

What Type of Mold?

mold removal VaughanWe first need to take a close look at the type of mold you’ve got. For the most part, our experience and training can help us quickly identify whether you’ve got allergenic, pathogenic, or toxic mold growing in your home. We need to watch out for this last category, which may add additional safety costs to the removal plan.

The Size of the Infestation

The largest contributor to cost is the size of the infestation — which is why MoldTech always recommends having mold removed sooner rather than later. A smaller, contained infestation is much easier, inexpensive, and efficient for us to remove. It may also mean that the mold has caused less damage to essential structures or items in your home, resulting in fewer replacement or repair costs above and beyond remediation.

The Affected Area & Materials.

Not all spaces and materials are as easy to clean as others — for example, attic mold removal has spatial and material challenges that removing a simple patch of mold on the wall doesn’t. The more complex the mold removal is and the more sensitive the materials it’s growing on or around are factors we consider when preparing a quote.

How Long Will It Take?

All of the preceding three points come to bear on the time it takes to perform a mold removal in Vaughan. More dangerous molds may take longer to remediate, and more extensive, active infestations may require more days, time, and technician assistance than smaller patches. 

Why Hire a Professional?

Here’s why we think we’re worth every penny. 

If you’ve got toxic mold, our safety equipment, PPE, and scientifically based procedures will keep you safe and eliminate cross-contamination. Regardless of mold toxicity, safety is always MoldTech’s first priority. Large infestations are beyond the reach of 99% of homeowners to efficiently and effectively eliminate. Our team is trained to work efficiently and knows how and where to begin work to ensure we’re in and out of your home in as little time as possible. 

The right tool for the right job is as essential in mold removal as in any other job. Saving your mold-affected heirlooms from the dump with careful treatment based on tried-and-tested methods eliminates the guesswork with DIY cleaning. Getting through a dirty job ASAP is how many of us attack unsavoury chores around the home. But when it comes to mold removal in Vaughan, speed is not a virtue. Slow and methodical ensures accurate mold removal — and prevents repeat visits. 

To learn more about MoldTech and mold remediation in Vaughan, reach out to us directly. 


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