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Do Your Floors Need Black Mold Removal?

Published on August 24, 2023

Black is in: slate-coloured floors, sleek black suits and dresses, and dark cars are all super popular. But for MoldTech, black is always out because this indicates a serious problem for our clients! Black mold removal eliminates harmful and dangerous black mold in your home or office and is a safe way to identify the risk factors and causes behind infestations. Professional mold removal in Mississauga is the only course of action we recommend if you discover a black or dark-coloured mold colony in your home. Learn more about how black mold affects floors, carpets, and structural elements by reading this article. 

What Are the Common Causes of Black Mold

black mold removalAll molds grow from a triumvirate of ideal conditions: moisture, organic material, and temperature. Black mold is simply one type of mold among a rainbow of colours like red, green, blue, and white. 

Flooring can be particularly susceptible to these ideal conditions. Moisture can come from drips, leaks, floods, and condensation caused by two different temperatures (as in basement or ground-level rooms). Many flooring materials are made with organic materials, and underlayments or subfloors are often also affected. Our air-conditioned homes also ensure that ideal growing conditions are present year-round. 

Why Does Black Mold End up in Floors?

Who hasn’t spilled water or had a kid step through the house with damp boots? Many cases of floor mold have been encouraged by everyday activities or accidents or sparked by events like floods or leaks. 

Many types of residential flooring are particularly conducive to mold growth. For example, many older homes in Mississauga have hardwood flooring. As protective varnishes and coatings wear away, moisture can seep into the pores of your floor and promote mold growth. 

Another common cause of mold on the floor is carpets, which, even if made from synthetic materials, can hold onto organic dirt, particles and moisture. This sustained contact can help hide and nurture a mold colony — you may not know there’s a problem even though it’s directly underfoot. 

Why Identify Mold Quickly

The reason we take black mold more seriously than any other type is because some species of black mold pose an increased risk to your health and wellness. Some black molds produce harmful mycotoxins that cause health issues beyond the usual itchy eyes and stuffed noses. Some common black mold symptoms include:

  • Fatigue.
  • Respiratory issues like wheezing and chest tightness. 
  • Central nervous system problems. 
  • Headache. 
  • Concentration problems. 
  • Rashes. 

The nonspecific nature of many of these symptoms can make black mold hard to pinpoint as the cause without professional mold testing. 

Tips for Mold Detection and Removal

At MoldTech, we’re often asked how homeowners can identify mold problems independantly. Here are a few signs you need professional mold testing:

  • Watch out for soft or spongy floorboards. 
  • Listen for new creaks or groans. 
  • Clean up water ASAP. 
  • Note musty odours. 
  • Watch for colour changes. 

Black mold removal is a safe and effective process that can eliminate symptoms of mold exposure and kill colonies. To learn more about how we detect mold growth and how mold removal in Mississauga can help your home, reach out to the MoldTech team online or by phone to schedule a free consultation.

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