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Most Common Places in the Home Harboring Mold

Published on October 01, 2019

Finding mold in your home can be a difficult and stressful however, knowing some of the most common places that it grows, you can get ahead of your worries by adding these spaces to your annual maintenance routine. If you suspect mold growth, a professional mold inspection can help you identify what rooms may be at risk and if a mold remediation in Toronto is needed. 

The Ideal Conditions for Mold Growth

MoldTech has been in the mold removal and remediation business for over a decade - which has given us a few insights into the common places that mold likes to grow in our homes. But first, it’s important to know what the three most important conditions for mold growth are: warmth, darkness, and moisture. 

Warmth provides mold a stable environment to grow in and encourages it to multiply. Darkness is important because it usually accompanies places that aren’t often disturbed, like under cupboards or behind walls. Moisture, whether it’s water or steam, is probably the most important ingredient of the three, because without it, mold won’t grow. 

Common Places for Mold Growth

When we’re doing a mold remediation, it’s usually in one of three different rooms: 

  • The Bathroom: The bathroom tops this list because of the easy access to water. Splashed water, dripping water, standing water, condensation - all of these common, and daily, bathroom conditions can result in rapid mold growth. 
  • The Kitchen: Like the bathroom, there’s a lot of potential for water to leak, drip, or condense in the kitchen. Leaky taps or dishwasher hookups (let alone dishwasher malfunctions) are common kitchen problems, and the steam created by cooking can also increase water in this room. 
  • The Attic and Basement: While they’re at opposite ends of your home, the basement and attic are both frequently the site of the biggest mold problems indoors. Piping, dust, and external leaks can all result in moisture problems that can go undetected for months. 

Why Choose a Professional Mold Remediation in Toronto

In our opinion, getting a professional mold remediation is mandatory whenever mold is found in the home. This is for two important reasons, the first of which is safety. A professional mold remediation ensures that you and your family remain protected from the serious health effects caused by mold spores disturbed during the removal process. 

The second reason is that mold can be extremely difficult and tricky to remove. Hardware store chemicals often cause more damage to your home then to the mold, and it’s easy to spread mold through sponges, tools, and clothing, no matter how thorough you’re being. 

Working with MoldTech

Working with us ensures that mold growth - no matter where it is in your home - is safely and thoroughly removed according to the latest in mold science and remediation technology. We are committed to keeping your household healthy and helping you reduce your mold risk. For more information on mold remediation in Toronto, get in touch with us at 1-866-684-7684 or book a free mold inspection online.

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